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10 Interesting Facts About Termites In Phoenix, AZ

April 15, 2013

When people want to get rid of common pests in Phoenix, it helps that they learn more about them. So, learn more about their diets, habits, and the types of species to increase your chances of getting rid of them. The following are 10 interesting facts to know about termites.

1. More Than 3,000 Species

More than 3,000 species of termites exist. Hundreds more have not been discovered and identified yet.

2. Colony Of Millions

Some colonies number in the millions. The average infestation on someone’s property could have hundreds of the creatures.

3. Extensive Damage To Property

Termites are known to chew through wood, demolishing wooden structures like walls and staircases. They cause far greater damage to the entire property by eating trees, crops, barns, and fences.

4. Important To The Ecosystem

Termites play vital roles in removing dead wood and debris from the environment. They improve the condition of soil and plant growth.

5. White Ants

Termites are called white ants because of their white or very light color, but they’re more related to cockroaches than ants.

6. Some Are Fast Eaters, Others Are Slow

Some termites eat their way through wood very quickly – in as little as a week, they can eat half of a house. Others take a year or longer to carve paths through the wood.

7. More Destructive Than Fire

A termite colony that is big and vicious enough can be just as or more destructive than a large fire. Many colonies cause widespread damages that include holes, cracks and tunnels that go through walls, ceilings or underground.

8. Thousands Of Dollars In Damages

A single termite infestation consisting of hundreds of members could result in thousands of dollars in property damages. Even when paying with insurance, the property owner could spend thousands out of pocket to cover the repairs and renovations.

9. Larvae and Eggs

A colony with a few fertile creatures can produce hundreds of larvae and eggs. Even if you kill off the adults, thousands of unborn or recently born creatures could still be alive.

10. The Eggs Are Small

Some people need magnifying glasses just to see the eggs. So, if you plan to remove an infestation on your own, you could miss a spot and allow eggs to hatch.

Termites are not dangerous to humans but more dangerous to homes and buildings. Only a professional has the tools to detect, remove and prevent infestations. Call Our qualified termite control company in Phoenix, AZ.