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4 Tips On Dealing With Roof Rats In Phoenix, Arizona

June 30, 2014

If your outside trash cans have been invaded by roof rats, you’ll want to tackle this problem as soon as possible. While opened trash bags might not bother you much initially, it can become a growing problem as time goes on. Fortunately, there are many ways you can kick roof rats in Phoenix, AZ to the curb. Some of the best tips can be found below, along with advice for keeping these pests out for good.

Tip 1: Keep Trash Cans Sealed

Don’t overload the trash cans that you keep outside. By doing so, you make it easy for rats and other critters to climb up into your trash can and break open your bags. Try to make sure the top of the trash can is shut and sealed at all times. If the top is propped up because of a bag, pests will easily find their way in. If you have too many trash bags, consider putting these in your garage or taking them to the local dump.

Tip 2: Clean Up Outside

Garbage or fallen fruit on the ground can attract roof rats to your property. For this reason, it’s important to regularly clean up outside to make your area less appealing. What’s even better is that keeping food and garbage away can deter other animals and pests, which can help make your property safer.

Tip 3: Seal Your Home

Roof rats can climb walls and will do what they can to make their way inside of your home for shelter. To help with this, inspect your house to see if there are any areas where they can come inside. Most holes can be filled with cement or covered with steel mesh to keep all pests out for good.

Tip 4: Call A Professional

If you’re not having any luck with roof rat removal in Sun City, AZ, then you may want to call in professionals. They’ll analyze the problem and find the most effective solutions to resolve your problem. With a customized plan and professional solutions, chances are high that you’ll find success in getting the roof rats out.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Don’t let roof rats ruin your garbage or your home. By using the tips above and calling in a professional for rodent control in Phoenix, you can get these pests out as soon as possible. More importantly, you’ll be able to prevent them from coming back well into the future.