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5 Reasons Pests Are Attracted To Your Phoenix, AZ Metro House

May 22, 2015

Various pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, and termite love to invade households. Pests and bugs inhabit houses because there is adequate shelter to protect them from the weather or predators.

Houses are also a good source of food because various leftovers are thrown away and the food stored. Pests can be quite harmful as they cause a lot of damage to the houses or the foodstuffs they eat up or contaminate. Pests can also be a medium in the transmission of diseases.

The best way to deal with a pest infestation in Phoenix, AZ, is to secure home pest control services. Pest control technicians trap and catch the pest that has inhabited a house. They can also advise you on what attracts the pest in your home and how to prevent future infestation.

One of the main reasons why pests inhabit a house is food. Pests are attracted to various waste that we leave around, such as food waste. If you ensure that your home or business is clean and no food is lying idle. Pests are unlikely to be attracted to your property. Other things that attract pets include

1. Stagnant Water

Pests such as mosquitoes are attracted and bred in stagnant waters. Cleaning and draining any stagnant water in or around your home can help to get rid of pests

2. Overripe Fruits & Vegetables

When various fruits and veggies overripe, they attract pests. Keep ripping fruits away and only keep them in the open minimally

3. Garbage

Various pests are attracted to garbage to scavenge food. Regular disposal helps to avoid attracting the pests

4. Unattended Gardens

Keep the garden trimmed to avoid various common area pests such as rats from inhabiting the garden.

5. Windows Without Nets

Window nets can prevent pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and spiders from coming in.