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How To Get Rid Of Bees In Phoenix

May 15, 2019

With a national campaign raising awareness about saving bees, it might seem strange to worry about bee control at all. However, the reality is that the bees in Arizona are by and large not the most helpful kind of honey bee. Instead, they are dangerous Africanized honey bees that pose a threat to humans, pets, and even other bee populations.

Killer Bees In Arizona

About 90 percent of the bees in the Phoenix area are Africanized, also known as killer bees. These aggressive bees are known for causing huge swarms, and they can be very territorial. They will relentlessly pursue anyone or anything that they find to be a threat. They will also infiltrate existing honey bee colonies and Africanize them. This, in turn, damages the ecosystem. It’s better for the environment to eliminate dangerous Africanized populations or at least ensure that they are not establishing hives close to human homes, businesses, and settlements.

These bees can be dangerous to anyone who gets near them due to their aggression and the possibility of being stung dozens of times in a single attack. They are an especially high risk for people who have bee allergies as these bees are very aggressive compared to normal honey bees. If you are allergic or don’t know if you’re allergic, you shouldn’t risk approaching a suspected hive.

Protecting Your Home & Business

For all of these reasons, professional bee control is the best and safest way to protect yourself and your family from the Africanized honey bee population of Arizona. Our team can identify a hive and remove it swiftly and safely to keep bees away from your home or business and reduce the risk of unexpected swarms and attacks.

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