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Most Common Pests In Phoenix (We Can Get Rid Of For You)

February 15, 2022

Pesky pests patrol homes searching for things we all want, like food, comfort, and warmth. Sadly, pests are unwelcome guests that carry disease and otherwise threaten the well-being of our families, and we want them gone NOW. Professional pest control services in Phoenix reduce pests in your home.

Phoenix residents may find numerous types of pests in their homes. Call professionals at the first indication. Pests multiply at rapid rates. Any delay in the time you call to schedule service can result in a major infestation at the home.

What pests make their way inside Phoenix homes? A few common Phoenix pests include:

  • Scorpions: Would it really be Arizona without scorpions? Most agree that it would not. This pest can bite, and if it gets you, it’s pretty painful.
  • Ants: Wherever you go, ants are busy working to find food for their colonies. They are not shy about their work and will patrol the kitchen floor at any moment. Once ants find food, they send out scents that notify the worker ant and her crew. This means you can have a big problem on your hands very quickly.
  • Spiders: Spiders won’t damage the home, but they do bite and scare a lot of people. Three dangerous spiders -the brown recluse, the black widow, and yellow sac spiders all call Phoenix (among other areas) home.
  • Cockroaches: Another common pest is the cockroach. Cockroaches carry disease, destroy homes, and cause a lot of squirms when we see them crawling across the floor or even a wall in the home.

Pest control experts rectify pest problems. Reach out to our Phoenix home pest control professionals at the first sign of a problem and take back your house. The pests listed above are among the many that may infest your Phoenix home without proper pest control service.