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Pesky Pigeons: 4 Ways Pest Control Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

July 30, 2013

Many people only encounter pigeons in large open spaces, like parks or parking lots. They are known to be intelligent and friendly, and you may enjoy feeding them or watching their mid-air acrobatics. If you live in an apartment building or other high rise, however, you may also know pigeons as windowsill or balcony dwellers who can negatively impact your quality of life. If you’ve got a pigeon problem, here are four reasons to invest in professional home pest control today.

Health Hazards

Inevitably, where there are pigeons, there are pigeon droppings. Not only are these droppings unpleasant to the eye and nose, they can also carry serious diseases due to fungi that grow in pigeon droppings. To protect your family’s health, you’ll want to mitigate the amount of droppings found near your home, yard and vehicle.

Noise Pollution

Pigeons in Phoenix are not characteristically loud, as bird species go, but they do emit sounds almost continuously. Males, especially, are always using sound to both attract females and defend their territories. These coos and squawks may seem innocuous at first, but often become irritating quickly.

Conflicts With Pets

Pigeons are creatures of habit, and they tend to get comfortable in their surroundings. This is why they are often seen getting very close to people or other animals. If you have pets, especially outdoors, they may end up in conflict with pigeons that are getting a little too comfortable on what your pet considers their turf.

Attracting A Crowd

Pigeons are most comfortable in flocks, or close-knit groups that tend to travel together. If you have one pigeon on your property, there are likely dozens more nearby. More pigeons only compound health hazards and noise pollution, so catching the problem early is key.

If you’ve got pesky pigeons on your property, it may be time to call a professional. Pigeon problems in Phoenix don’t tend to remedy themselves – in fact, they often continue to get worse – but pest control can provide the solutions you need to restore cleanliness and calm to your home.