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Preventing Pigeons From Making Your Scottsdale Home A Mess

July 30, 2010

Feeding the pigeons may provide a heart-warming scene in such movies as “Mary Poppins.” But Phoenix and Tucson area homeowners know just how much pigeons can quickly deteriorate their quality of life when they take up residence on their property. In fact, flocks of unwelcome pigeons roosting on residential and commercial buildings is considered the number one pest problem not only throughout Arizona but also around the world.

Not only does the build-up of pigeon feces on sidewalks, roofing, and walkways look messy, it actually poses a health hazard. Pigeons are known carriers of such communicable diseases as Histoplasmosis that can negatively affect the health of home and building residents. They also accelerate the deterioration of building materials in addition to helping to quickly kill vegetation in and around formerly beautiful landscaping and gardens.

ACTION Termite and Pest Control can provide your home or commercial building with proven and effective programs for pigeon control in Phoenix. Our services address the pigeon problem from a variety of angles. These include the removal of pigeons that have already set up housekeeping in your phoenix roofing and building eaves. Our team of experienced pest control technicians can also set up deterrents at strategic places on your property to prevent pigeons from returning to your house or office building.

After our ACTION Termite and Pest Control crews are done completing all steps of their pigeon control program, you are not likely to see one speck of pigeon poop remaining on your property. The pigeon clean-up portion of our pigeon control program does a thorough job of removing as much pigeon waste and debris as possible prior to performing a power wash and clean-up on all of the affected areas. And if necessary, we can trap and safely remove from any Arizona property pigeons who refuse to acknowledge that their rights to squat on the property have been permanently terminated.

Wouldn’t it feel great to have a clean and sanitary property once again? Free from pigeon feces as well as their noise and destructiveness. Our team can also help home, and business owners rid their properties of other types of bird infestations. Give us a call today at the location nearest you in Phoenix, Tucson, or Gilbert, to schedule a free inspection and an estimate on providing effective pigeon and bird elimination and prevention.