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Protecting Against Bee Infestations In Scottsdale

August 30, 2018

The Threat Of Bee Nests In Your Scottsdale Home or Business

As summer kicks into gear in Scottsdale the bee population can spike and new nests built by local bee populations can become a problem for homeowners. While some nests are found in yard areas, some of the greater threat is when they start to nest in eaves, sills and attic vents in homes. Once this occurs it goes from being an external bee problem to a potential interior home infestation.

The Africanized Honey Bee

The bees in the Arizona region can be particularly problematic since there are quite a few highly venomous bee populations in the state, including the Africanized Honey Bee. This bee population can be especially problematic because they tend to swarm in groups that consist of hundreds or thousands at a time which can be lethal to humans and animals. These bees can build a nest in the wall of a home which can be a very dangerous situation for a homeowner. They can also nest in junk piles, mulch piles and fallen trees in a yard. These bees should not be addressed by a homeowner alone because of their aggressive nature.

The Africanized Honey Bee often becomes aggressive and swarms as they start to build a nest and are defending their new territory. Since they are not particular about their hive location, they can be found trying to build nests among human housing areas quite readily. Because Scottsdale, Arizona weather is nice year-round, nesting can occur at any time. However, spring is one of the busier seasons. It should be noted that even the extreme high heat of summer does not protect against swarming since the Africanized Honey Bee can tolerate higher temperatures. This is because the breed has interbred with African Bees that are accustomed to higher temperatures.

Looking For Infestation Signs Before They Become Serious

There are signs to look for that usually indicate that an infestation may be starting. Homeowners who start to notice bee activity near windows, attic vents or eaves of a home on a regular basis, can usually be certain that a nest construction process is underway. This is especially true of bees are noticed going into any of these areas at the beginning of dusk. This is usually indicative that they are settling in for the night in the given location. Once bees are found beginning to build a nesting area in eaves, sills and attic vents, homeowners should quickly seek the help of home pest control professionals.

If you have a bee problem and want to get rid of bees in the Scottsdale, AZ area call our Scottsdale bee pest control Experts!