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What Do Termites Look Like?

August 02, 2022

There are two major categories of termites: subterranean and damp wood. Each of these two groups has its own unique appearance and characteristics. While worker termites are similar to each other in general, they tend to lack wings and have large brown heads. Soldier termites are different, though, and have a large, clear tail. You can spot these winged reproductives on the surface of infested wood and trees or under mulch.

The queen termite is the largest member of a colony. She is about 4 inches long, and cannot move on her own. The queen has a small head and a large abdomen. She spends most of her time laying eggs. The rest of her life is spent working for her mates. Once a termite nest has been occupied, the workers will carry the eggs to the safest locations.

The queen termite is very large compared to the worker ones. It has a thick waist that extends far beyond its head. The abdomen is also the home of the winged reproductives. They are black and have prominent white wings. The worker termites are not useful when identifying the colony. They usually feed in the nest of another colony. In addition to their appearance, they produce thousands of eggs in a single year.

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