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Where To Check For Bed Bugs In Scottsdale, AZ

January 15, 2014

Bed bugs in Scottsdale are pesky, prevalent pests that has infested many metropolitan areas including Scottsdale, AZ. These pests are attracted to warmth and feed on blood, so your bed is the perfect place for them to live. If you suspect you may have bed bugs, there are some important places for you to check for them.

Your Mattress 

The main place where bed bugs live is in your bed. They don’t typically live on top of the mattress. Rather, they prefer tighter, more secure places. Check the folds and seams of your mattress, particularly along the sides. It’s also possible for them to live between your mattress and box spring.

Your Bed Frame 

Bed bugs have been known to hide in bed frames, especially if you have a wooden headboard with cracks in it. They’ll also be drawn to corners of the frame and other tight spaces.

Other Furniture

When people notice that they are getting bites sleeping in their own bed, it’s common for them to try sleeping in other rooms or on the couch. However, it’s likely that the bed bugs are either on your clothes when you change sleeping locations or the bed bugs will follow you there, infesting more furniture. Check other beds in your home, as well as chair and couch cushions. Be sure to check under chairs and couches as well.

Miscellaneous Areas 

Bed bugs are expert hiders. With a large infestation, the pests will start living in more tricky places. They can squeeze behind wall outlets, baseboards, and carpet seams. Bed bugs have also been found around lamps, curtains, blinds, alarm clocks, and other furniture or appliances. If you’ve traveled recently and are noticing bed bugs, check your suitcase and closet to find every place where the bed bugs are living.

Bed bugs are impossible to eradicate on your own. It takes professional bed bug treatments in Scottsdale to get rid of bed bugs fully. Be sure to consult with a professional to learn what you should be doing to decrease the likelihood of bed bugs returning again in the future.