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Why Pest Control For Pigeons?

May 30, 2011

Pigeons in Phoenix are not just found in parking lots and public places. Pigeons are known to appear on windowsills and become pests to condo or apartment dwellers. Once they appear, it’s difficult to get rid of them and clean up the mess they leave behind. It is necessary to hire pest control professionals to deal with pigeons.

Leave Droppings

All birds are known to leave droppings wherever they go. Pigeons are known to congregate for long periods of time in one area. In addition to digging through your trash and belongings, they leave large amounts of droppings. You could spend 10 minutes each day washing off your patio and furniture.

Form Large Crowds

Pigeons flock in large, close-knit groups with a dozen or more members. As pests, they are bigger nuisances than rats and roaches that appear in singles. If you poison them, you could have piles of dead pigeons on your property. However, if you leave them alone, they could attract dozens more birds.

Become Noise Pollution

Pigeons are not loud, but they make sounds that are continuous and irritating to most people. Wherever they end up, they rarely remain quiet. They also migrate in large flocks that can be heard from hundreds of feet away.

Get Too Comfortable

Pigeons get too comfortable in the places where they end up. They are rarely afraid of people or vehicles and often get too close for comfort. If they are not kept as pets, they frequently run into conflict with people, dogs and other animals. If they are not discouraged from settling down, they build nests and become permanent pests.

Pigeons seem harmless, but they create messes that add to hours of cleanup. Killing off pigeons is not a task that many people want to undertake. The best solution is to hire a professional who is trained in pigeon control.