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How To Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs Inside Your Phoenix Home For Good!

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If you're dealing with a bed bug infestation in your Phoenix home, then you know just how difficult it can be to get rid of. These tiny pests can be very hard to detect and even harder to exterminate. They have adapted to live and thrive in homes all over the world, including right here in the Valley of the Sun.

But don't worry, the Phoenix bed bug control experts are here to help. ACTION Termite & Pest Control will go over some helpful facts about bed bugs and some simple ways to keep them away from your home. We'll also talk about permanent bed bug removal and how professional pest control in Phoenix can help to get rid of them once and for all. So if you're at your wits' end with these pesky pests, read on.

The Lifecycle Of The Phoenix Bed Bug

A bed bug is a small, parasitic insect that feeds on the blood of humans and animals. They are about the size of an apple seed and can be found in cracks and crevices around beds, furniture, and baseboards. Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, but their bites can be itchy and uncomfortable.

The bed bug life cycle consists of four stages: egg, nymph, adult, and reproducing adult. Eggs are laid in small clusters of up to 500 and are often found in cracks and crevices around beds, furniture, and baseboards. Nymphs hatch from eggs and must feed on blood to survive. They go through five molts, or skin changes, before reaching adulthood.

Adult bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped, and range in color from light brown to reddish-brown. Females can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime and will often do so in small clusters around cracks and crevices.

Reproducing adults are bed bugs that have reached adulthood and have mated. Once they mate, the female will lay eggs and the cycle starts all over again. In your home, this means that there could be hundreds of bed bugs at any given time. What's more, even if they start in just one room, they can quickly spread to other areas of your home and turn into a full-blown infestation.

If you see even one bed bug, it's important to act fast and call a professional for bed bug control in Phoenix. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we have over 50 years of experience dealing with these difficult pests. We use the latest, most effective methods to make sure that your home is bed bug-free in no time. 

What's It Like To Live With A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug infestations are no picnic. If you've ever had one, then you know just how disruptive they can be. Not only are they extremely difficult to get rid of, but they can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress.

Living with a bed bug infestation is like living with constant visitors you can't get rid of no matter what you do. You'll find yourself constantly checking for bites, looking for signs of bed bugs, and feeling generally uncomfortable in your own home. If you have young children or pets, they may be the ones who suffer the most from a bed bug infestation in your Phoenix home.

Besides their irritating bites, these bugs can cause a lot of other problems, including:

  • Lack of sleep: If you're dealing with a bed bug infestation, chances are you're not getting a lot of sleep. These pests are most active at night and can bite multiple times, making it hard to get a good night's rest.
  • Anxiety and stress: Dealing with bed bugs can be very stressful. They are hard to get rid of and their bites can be very itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people are allergic to bed bug bites and can experience swelling, redness, and itching. In severe cases, anaphylaxis can occur.
  • Secondary infections: If you scratch bed bug bites, there's a risk that they can become infected.

If you think you may have bed bugs, it's important to look for signs of infestation. These include small blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases, dark spots on your mattress or furniture, and tiny eggshells in cracks and crevices around your home. You may also see bed bugs themselves, although they are often very difficult to spot.

If you see any of these signs, it's time to call a professional in local pest control for bed bugs. ACTION Termite & Pest Control offers same-day and emergency services, so we'll be there when these pests strike. We'll send a technician out to assess the situation and recommend a course of action. Our heat treatments are highly effective at getting rid of bed bugs, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is bed bug-free.

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

While many people associate bed bugs in Phoenix with dirty homes or run-down motels, the truth is that these pests can infest any home, no matter how clean it is. Bed bugs are experts at hiding and can hitch a ride into your home on clothing, luggage, furniture, or even on you. When it comes to these pests, it's important to be proactive and take steps to prevent an infestation before it starts.

Here are a few simple bed bug control techniques for your home:

  1. Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming is a great way to remove bed bugs and their eggs from your home. Be sure to vacuum regularly, especially if you live in a high-risk area for bed bugs. This includes your rugs, under beds, bed frames, upholstered furniture, and any other areas where bed bugs may hide.
  2. Inspect your belongings. After coming home from travel, be sure to inspect your luggage for bed bugs before bringing it into your home. You should also inspect any used furniture or clothing before bringing it into your home.
  3. Keep an eye out for signs of infestation. Be on the lookout for any signs of bed bugs in your home, such as small blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases, dark spots on your mattress or furniture, or tiny eggshells in cracks and crevices around your home.
  4. Inspect your hotel room. If you're traveling, be sure to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before settling in. This includes checking the mattress, headboard, and any other areas where bed bugs may hide. You should also place your suitcase on a luggage rack instead of on the floor or bed to avoid bringing any bed bugs home with you.
  5. Wash your bedding regularly. Washing your bedding in hot water is a great way to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Be sure to wash your bedding at least once a week.

By following these simple tips, you can help prevent bed bugs from taking up residence in your home. However, if you think you may already have an infestation, call ACTION Termite & Pest Control right away. We offer highly effective bed bug control services in Phoenix that will get rid of these pests for good.

Permanent Bed Bug Removal

Once bed bugs get into your home, they can be very difficult to get rid of.  Do-it-yourself methods are often ineffective, and over-the-counter products can be dangerous to your family and pets. If you think you may have bed bugs, the best thing to do is call a professional like ACTION Termite & Pest Control.

We use thermal radiation, also known as heat treatment, which is currently the safest and most effective method of pest control to kill bed bugs in the industry. Heat treatment involves raising the temperature of an infested area to a level that will kill bed bugs and their eggs. This chemical-free method is safe for your family and pets. We will also provide follow-up services to make sure the bed bugs are gone for good.

ACTION Termite & Pest Control is also a provider of K-9 bed bug detection services. Our highly trained bed bug dogs are licensed through the World Detector Dog Organization. These dogs can quickly and accurately locate bed bugs in your home, even if they're hiding in hard-to-reach places. This allows us to target the infestation and get rid of the bed bugs as quickly as possible, and can also help to identify areas in which a re-infestation has occurred.

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with a bed bug infestation. That's why we offer same-day and emergency services so that you don't have to live with these pests any longer than necessary.

Since 1969, ACTION Termite & Pest Control has been providing quality pest control services to homeowners and businesses in the Phoenix area. We're a family-owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Phoenix, including our bed bug control services, or to schedule an inspection. Let us help you get rid of those bed bugs for good.