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Pest Control In New River, AZ

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Trusted Pest Control Solutions In New River, AZ

New River is an idyllic suburb that combines robust city life with the unblemished skies of Arizona. As an unincorporated community just outside of Phoenix, this is a bedroom village for thousands of commuters, families, and business owners.

Although this neighborhood is the spitting image of a storybook city, there's one thing about life in New River that's anything but a fairy tale; the ongoing presence of pests. Maricopa County pest control has become something of a staple over the last few decades, as the growing population sends a high volume of pests into residential homes and business environments. People use DIY and home remedies quite frequently, but they are no match for New River's seemingly endless waves of pests.

It takes a powerful force to stop New River pests and powerful products and techniques to boot. And with the hand-picked team at Action Pest Control, you'll get all this and more.

Action Pest Control is one of the Midwest's largest providers of local pest control services. Commanding decades of experience and some of the best reviews around, we're proud of our legacy and the results we've left behind. Our team of 70+ experts has supported 23,000+ customers over the years, and we would be more than happy to do the same for you.

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Residential Pest Control In New River

New River homeowners deserve the luxury of living in a safe environment, including one that is 100% free of insects and arachnids. Residential pest control services from Action Pest Control more than rise to the challenge, supporting safe and effective treatments using one of two plans:

  1. The Advanced Plan: Get unlimited re-treatments between visits and a full satisfaction guarantee, as well as interior and exterior treatments all year round.
  2. The Complete Plan: Enjoy all the luxuries of the Advance Plan alongside termite monitoring, WDO inspections, and an annual attic inspection for peace of mind.

Action Pest Control knows that all homes are different, which is why our quotes are custom tailored to the household in question. Feel free to contact us directly to receive a free estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In New River

You've poured everything you have into your New River business. Let a professional team pour back into your investment and protect it against pests of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial pest control services from Action Pest Control take your entire business into account. From the moment we walk through your door to the final wave goodbye, we make it easy to control local pests without endangering everything you've worked to achieve. Choose services that work with your schedule, track your metrics against industry guidelines, and stay in touch with a professional expert with your needs.

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Why New River Residents Need To Take Mosquito Threats Seriously

Mosquitoes are ever-present pests here in New River and an ever-dangerous threat to human health and wellness. Thanks to their vector status and ability to spread diseases, these insects should never be allowed to grow in high numbers around your home, business, or specialty property. Unfortunately, when left to their own devices, mosquitoes often swarm in overwhelming numbers that are difficult to control at scale.

If you find yourself struggling in a similar situation, know that help is always available. The folks at Action Pest Control have years of experience fending off local mosquito populations and would be glad to defend your property with proven treatments and strategic product applications.

Our mosquito control services in New River can help several types of businesses and municipalities, including:

  • Homeowners' associations
  • Summer camps
  • Sports fields
  • Public parks
  • Industrial buildings
  • Outdoor venues

Give Action Pest Control a call today to get a free quote for your mosquito abatement service.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your New River Property

The property owners of New River fight against pigeon populations on an almost daily basis. Between strong nesting habits and a dense urban environment, it's easy to see why these avian pests gravitate so strongly to nearby homes and businesses. However, it's far less obvious how to get these creatures out or prevent them from returning in the future.

Thankfully, pest control for birds is neither confusing, complicated, nor difficult to manage. The professional team at Action Pest Control is equipped to complete the process on your behalf, offering one-time treatments, exclusionary services, and non-lethal deterrents that work hand-in-hand with the natural environment.

You can learn more about our bird control services at any time. Just contact the professionals at Action Pest Control to get started.