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Scorpion Control In Phoenix, AZ

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Keeping Your Phoenix Home Scorpion-Free

A nocturnal hunter that usually feeds on smaller insects, the scorpion is famous for its poisonous sting that can result in extreme pain and discomfort. In rare cases, Arizona scorpions' stings can even cause death. It's best to leave the scorpions outside, away from your home and family, but how can you accomplish this task safely?

Understanding Arizona's native scorpions is your first step. There are several types of scorpions in Arizona, the most well-known being the Arizona bark scorpion. The Arizona bark scorpion is the most common scorpion that homeowners encounter in the Valley. This particular scorpion also happens to be the most venomous in North America. 

ACTION Termite & Pest Control knows how to remove and exclude our native species, both safely and inconspicuously. We use only the best products that are toughest on scorpions while remaining safe for your pets and family. Allow us to help you protect your Phoenix home and family from scorpions.

Locating, Eliminating, Excluding – The Scorpion Plus Service

ACTION Termite & Pest Control offers a specialized service exclusively for scorpion control. The Scorpion Plus Service is a complete treatment that locates and treats common nesting areas and provides a scorpion exclusion service in the home. The exclusion service targets and eliminates entry points so scorpions can't gain access into a structure.

As a master pest solutions provider in the Valley, ACTION Termite & Pest Control understands our native species better than most. We do not recommend taking matters into your own hands when you locate a scorpion nest. These creatures are extremely resilient and require specialized and professional intervention. ACTION Termite & Pest Control guarantees homeowners a swift, safe, and efficient service for such scenarios.

We use top-notch products and equipment to rid your home of these stubborn creatures while ensuring your family and pets stay safe. Given our native locality, we have much experience when it comes to controlling scorpions in Phoenix. We understand how to locate and handle the native scorpion species with ease.

The ACTION Scorpion Plus Service is specifically tailored toward this endeavor. Not only do we locate scorpion nests and eliminate them, but we also ensure they do not find their way back to your property by fixing all possible entry points. Our technician will get rid of these pests both on the inside and around your home.

We will also educate you on keeping your home safe and pest-free and advise you on what to do in case of another infestation. Homeowners can affordably procure the ACTION Scorpion Plus Service by contacting us to schedule your service.

What You Need To Know About Scorpions And How To Prevent Them

Part of ACTION Termite & Pest Control's scorpion service includes equipping you with the knowledge you need to avoid a future scorpion infestation. The following information will be helpful to you in preventing scorpions in and around your Phoenix home.

Scorpions pose a problem for many property owners in Phoenix, Arizona. While some of these creatures are smaller than half an inch in adulthood, others may grow to over three inches! Their segmented tails usually sport a stinger that carries venom. Not only are they scary, but scorpions also pose a threat to anyone who encounters them. 

Scorpions mostly hunt prey, which is usually insects, at night. Their sting, which can be extremely painful or downright deadly, strikes fear in property owners all over Arizona. Their harmful nature makes it necessary for homeowners to take measures that keep them as far away from their property as possible. To get rid of these dangerous creatures, you should consider getting professional help from the ACTION Termite & Pest Control team.

The Arizona bark scorpion is quite common in this area. These are the most venomous in North America, making them dangerous scorpions to encounter. This species usually has a light brown color and is very tiny. They can go up property walls and access entry points. Arizona bark scorpions are also nocturnal and love to hide in trees, wood, and rocks as they sleep during the day. Their sting is very painful and may cause an uncomfortable numbness. These scorpions go into their nests to hibernate during the cold season, and they reproduce heavily in spring. An infestation of this species is usually easy to locate using a black light as they tend to glow in the presence of UV light. A sting from an Arizona bark scorpion will usually cause acute pain and numbness in the affected region. Medical treatment is necessary immediately to avoid grave complications.

What Attracts Scorpions To Your Arizona Property?

Many homeowners wonder why their property keeps getting infested by scorpions. Understanding what they are after can help you control their presence.

Scorpions will often show up on your property in search of water. Just like every other creature, they require water to survive. You will find them nesting near pipes, drains, and water left out for your pets. Scorpions also tend to inhabit undisturbed piles of leaves, cardboard, and wood around your home. You should carefully clean up these piles to avoid accidents. When their nests are disturbed, scorpions flee into the nearest pile of clutter. If this is inside your home, they will inhabit it. We advise that you keep your home clutter-free to avoid hidden dangers.

Safe & Effective Service For Your Scorpion Problem

Do not take matters into your own hands when you locate a scorpion nest. These creatures are dangerous and resilient and require specialized and professional intervention to be eliminated. ACTION Termite & Pest Control guarantees the fast, safe, and effective service you need to get rid of scorpions on your property. Learn more or schedule your Phoenix pest control service by contacting us today.