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Whether you’re looking to grow your company through partnership or thinking about life after ownership, we’re here to help you get there.

Our Vision for the Future.

At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we aspire to be leaders in the pest control industry, while exceeding expectations through continuous improvement and collaborative innovation. We foster an environment that nurtures individual talent and celebrates shared success. Together we will aim for rapid and responsible growth, ensuring our pace does not compromise our commitment to culture and quality service. Take ACTION and contact us today to learn more about how we can partner together!
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Why Partner with ACTION?

Strong Partnerships

ACTION has a proven track record of successfully partnering with other pest control companies across Arizona

As the former owner of Watchdog Pest Control, I've had the unique opportunity to experience the professionalism and expertise of ACTION first-hand. Our decision to sell our company was significant, and finding the right buyer was crucial. ACTION stood out as the ideal choice, and the process of working with them confirmed we made the right decision.

From the onset, it was clear that ACTION is well-versed in acquisitions. They approached the buyout process with a level of proficiency and understanding that only comes from experience. Their team knew exactly what questions to ask, ensuring that all aspects of the transaction were transparent and considered. This approach not only facilitated a seamless transition but also fostered a sense of trust and respect.

The negotiation process with ACTION was straightforward and efficient. They quickly presented a buyout offer that was fair and well-considered, reflecting a deep understanding of the pest control industry's value and potential. This efficiency made the entire process less daunting and more manageable, especially during a period that can be quite overwhelming for a business owner.

Most importantly, the outcome of our collaboration with ACTION was mutually beneficial. We achieved the valuation we sought for Watchdog Pest Control, while they expanded their portfolio with a company that aligns with their standards of quality and service. This win-win scenario is a testament to their fair business practices and their commitment to growth and excellence in the pest control industry.

I can confidently say that ACTION is not just a leader in pest management services but also a top-tier professional in business acquisitions. Their approach is characterized by expertise, fairness, and a genuine commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for all parties involved. For anyone considering a business transaction with ACTION, I can assure you that you're in capable and reliable hands.”
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Dane Kolbaba
Watchdog Pest Control
As founder and CEO of Pest Duck Inc., it was a pleasure to sell my company to ACTION. The reason I chose ACTION mainly was their core principle to provide quality service and resolutions to our clients. Protecting our client’s investments and trust was the utmost important factor I was looking for when selling Pest Duck Inc. I was impressed with ACTION’s ability to quickly acquire and service our clients with professional and friendly service as well as the smooth acquisition process and understanding the need to find a company to care and service our clients. The feedback I received after the sale was always positive and our long standing customers were very pleased with ACTION. Thank you for taking care of our clients when a family situation forced the sale of our company. We are forever grateful and could not have made a better choice to choose ACTION.
Pest Duck Logo
Eric Schmidt
Founder of Pest Duck Inc.

A letter from our CEO

Hi Future Partner,

Welcome to ACTION! We are a family-owned & operated pest control company serving Arizona since 1969. We pride ourselves on living out our mission of exceeding our team’s and customers’ expectations. From its inception, the company has upheld a culture committed to providing best in class customer experiences through a range of pest control services. Over the years, we have built an all star team of pest industry professionals who provide thousands of treatments each year and want YOU to become a part of our team.

We are looking for partners like yourself who align with our mission and are excited for growth. Partnering with ACTION is a team effort we want to foster collaboration through shared expertise and provide opportunities for our employees to grow in their careers. By combining our strengths as partners, we can enhance our service offerings, expand our market reach, and provide comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Thank you for considering partnering with ACTION. I look forward to the possibility of working together to grow fast and responsibly to become the leading pest control company in the Southwest!

Brent Agee
CEO Signature

Brent Agee