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Termite Control Phoenix, AZ Trusts with over 2,000 5 Star Reviews to Prove it. (see our reviews)

Not all Termite Control,  Termite Treatments, and Termite Inspections in Phoenix, AZ are the same.

That’s right, you can call 5 different termite control companies in Phoenix that get rid of termites in Arizona and possibly get 5 different treatment proposals that have 5 different plans of attack for your termite problem.

How do you choose the right termite control measures and plan?

With ACTION Termite & Pest Control every termite inspector on our team has over 20 years’ experience controlling termites and protecting homes from termite infestations. This is another reason our termite control Phoenix trusts and rates highly. 

All Types of Termites Phoenix weather and terrain create

Experience in subterranean termites, worker termites, mud tubes, and drywood termites is very important when selecting an Arizona termite exterminator. There are many variables that apply when eliminating an infestation.

What type of construction is the structure? Is the inspector familiar with all the different building types here in the valley (here is a hint, there are a lot!)? Knowing and identifying the construction type of the home is the first step in eliminating a subterranean termite infestation. Next is understanding the many ways a termite colony can enter the structure. The treatment plan will vary from home to home, depending on construction. The last thing you need when trying to protect your home from termites is an inexperienced termite company drilling through a post tension wire in a post tension slab constructed home and now you have a whole other problem to worry about. Don’t let that happen to you and call the Termite Experts, ACTION Termite & Pest Control.

Correctly Identifying Termites with a Termite Inspection

Are those cricket droppings, subterranean termites, mud tubes, or drywood termites pellets? Is that a mud dauber nest or a subterranean termite tube? Swarming ants or swarming termites? Don’t let an inexperienced termite inspector misidentify one of these. Call ACTION Termite & Pest Control for a FREE termite inspection to correctly identify between some commonly misidentified signs pest.

termites phoenix az

Different Termite Treatment Methods in Phoenix

Selecting the right termite treatment isn’t a problem when hiring ACTION Termite & Pest Control because we’ll provide you with the best option. Curious about the different treatments for eliminating termites?  Listed below are a few of the most common.

  • Full Drill Treatment – The best option for a floating slab constructed home with a large amount of termite activity. This involves not only treating the exterior of the foundation around the entire perimeter of the home but also drilling through the foundation to treat the interior side of the foundation.
  • Perimeter Treatment – The most common termite treatment which involves drilling attached slabs including the garage as well as trenching the soil along the foundation.
  • Soil + Problem Area – This is your typical termite treatment on a post tension home where the type of construction doesn’t allow for drilling into any slabs or the garage.
  • Bait Station System – Termite bait stations are commonly used on homes with decorative slabs (tile, pavers, painted, etc.) that cannot be drilled or in cases where the soil around the foundation can not be treated.

Choosing the Right Termite Control Product

There are many types of termite control products on the market, and we’ve used them all. A few include; Termidor, Dominion, Altriset, Premise, and our new favorite Fuse SC. Fuse is the only product on the market with both the active ingredient of Termidor as well as Premise combined (or should we say FUSED) into one bottle. This dual acting termite control solution has significantly reduced numbers in termite retreats. Fuse SC is a product of Control Solutions Incorporated “CSI” that has done an amazing job in the industry by combining top rated pest control products to create new products that can eliminate pest or termites more effectively.

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The Importance of Getting an Annual Termite Inspection

Termite Stats and Data in Phoenix, AZ metro area

Termite Infestation Rates in Phoenix

  • The average annual termite infestation rate in Phoenix is 2.5%.
  • The most common type of termite found in Phoenix is the subterranean termite.
  • Subterranean termites can cause extensive damage to homes and businesses.
  • Termite inspections are recommended every 3-5 years in Phoenix.

Termite Inspection Data in Phoenix

  • The average cost of a termite inspection in Phoenix is $250.
  • The average time to complete a termite inspection in Phoenix is 1-2 hours.
  • Termite inspections should be conducted by a licensed and insured pest control company.

Tips for Preventing Termite Infestations in Phoenix

  • Keep your home’s foundation and exterior free of moisture.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in your home’s foundation.
  • Plant trees and shrubs away from your home’s foundation.
  • Inspect your home for termites every 3-5 years.

Termite Damage in Arizona

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), termites caused an estimated $1.6 billion in damage to homes and businesses in Arizona in 2021.

This makes Arizona the 10th most affected state by termite damage in the United States.

Types of Termites in Arizona

The two most common types of termites found in Arizona are subterranean termites and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites are the most destructive type of termite, and they can cause extensive damage to homes and businesses.

Drywood termites are less destructive than subterranean termites, but they can still cause significant damage.

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