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Heat Treatment for Eliminating Bed Bugs

Thermal Remediation otherwise known as heat treatment is one of the most sought after remedies for controlling bed bugs. Although many competitors may offer a heat service its very important to understand that not all heat services and products are equal. Action Pest Solutions offers the PREMIER equipment and technology from TEMP-AIR. This heat equipment was specifically designed for the sole purpose of eliminating bed bugs.

Certified K-9 Bed Bug Inspections

In addition to our standard bed bug inspections, ACTION Termite & Pest Control also offers K-9 bed bug detection services. Our dogs have been licensed through the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO), an elite dog training program based out of California. Using a K-9 to detect bed bugs is a great way to identify whether an area has been infested with bed bugs as they may not always be visible to a trained eye. K-9’s are also useful to show if an area has been rid of any prior bed bug infestation after treatment. To have your property inspected by a certified K-9 call us today!

Certified k9 Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Biology

  • Small ¼ inch oval shape (commonly compared to apple seeds)
  • Feed on blood normally at night and hide during the day.
  • Excellent at hiding in cracks and crevices in everything from furniture to bedroom fixtures

Bed Bugs in Phoenix

Action’s Solution for Bedbugs in Phoenix

Eradicating bed bugs is not an easy task. These troublesome insects have evolved to become very resilient. The tiny creatures are the source of immense stress and discomfort in so many homes. Chemicals that were once efficient in killing these insects no longer do the trick. Their evolutionary survival has allowed them to spread globally, making it hard for effective control measures. Bed bugs can multiply in numbers from just one female quickly. In only a few weeks, a single bed bug can give rise to hundreds. These insects can quickly overrun your home and make it uncomfortable or inhabitable for you. Their stubborn nature requires the intervention of a professional bed bug control service that will guarantee immediate, thorough, and safe extermination.

Signs of Bed Bug infestation
It may be difficult to diagnose a bed bug infestation, but it is not impossible. You may not notice bed bugs until they begin to feed on you. Bed bug bites usually leave itchy reddish marks on your skin, which will either be in straight or zigzag lines. Their bites can be very irritating and uncomfortable despite not carrying or spreading disease. Their presence on your mattress will also cause disturbed sleep as they tend to feed at night. A musty smell is an indicator of an infestation. A considerable number of bed bugs will release a particularly pungent pheromone smell that is easy to pick up. This smell usually resembles the one you will find on a wet rag or damp towel. 

Once in a while, bed bugs leave behind trace evidence of their presence. This evidence can be spotted by looking out for their shed skin, waste, shells, or exoskeletons. You may also observe spots of blood on your beddings, indicating an already feeding infestation. Homeowners should not ignore these indicative signs. If you find any of these signs, call Action Pest Solutions and enlist our assistance.

Action’s Bed Bug Control Service
Bed bug control always requires professional intervention. It is not something you can accomplish on your own. A professional service for bed bug control, such as Action Pest Solutions, has the necessary skills and equipment to do a complete, competent and efficient job. Our professionals understand how and where to locate these infestations. They will prescribe the most suitable control measures and apply them to that situation. Actions bed bug solution involves a pre-eradication and post-eradication plan. These plans ensure that all the bed bugs are neutralized and simultaneously prevent re-infestation after the job is done.

Action technicians make use of the most viable bed bug eradication remedy, Thermal Remediation. The company makes use of premium specialized TEMP-AIR technology to deliver an effective solution for bed bugs. This technology makes use of innovative heating equipment that has been designed with the specific use of exterminating bed bugs. Our professional team uses this technology to apply heat, lethal for these insects, to infested areas for about an hour. We are well versed and experienced in setting up this equipment to ensure that your whole home is covered. In some cases, we use pesticides to support our treatment process. However, this is executed safely to limit the dangers to residents and their pets.

These measures are taken to ensure no bed bugs escape their doom allowing for the best results in just one session. Thermal remediation is currently the most viable method for bed bug extermination on the market, and we can avail it to Phoenix residents. We also give follow up services and inspections as bed bug eradication may sometimes require additional treatments. This professional set up involves you in making a treatment schedule geared towards eliminating these pests.

Treatment for Bed Bugs
Routine cleaning is no longer as effective in eliminating bed bug infestations. Depriving them of food in a bid to send them away from your home does not work here. Exterminating bed bugs is a challenging endeavor that requires professional intervention. This treatment should be done as soon as an infestation is realized.

Thermal remediation is currently the most effective form of bed bug treatment. This chemical-free technology makes use of intense heat to kill the infestation. This heat can kill bed bugs across all their life stages, whether adult or egg. It has a proven track record and is more effective than chemical measures, which are no longer effective against these pests.

These stubborn insects intelligently hide in mattresses. They find mattresses ideal as they are closer to their feeding source, human blood, and can easily stay undetected as they reproduce. Our experts recommend that an infected bed is disposed of as treatment is usually tricky. If this is not a consideration, it should undergo heat treatment for a few hours. This treatment could be done using heating equipment. Once treated, it is recommended that you fit a zip-up mattress cover to avoid infestation and keep living bed bugs from escaping. As you maintain your mattress’ cleanliness, remember to clean your bedding and use heat where possible similarly.

Bed bugs may also inhabit damp fabric and clothing. We recommend that all clothing material be washed with detergent or bleach (where possible) and hot water. Sealing the clothes in bags after cleaning works to prevent re-infestation. It is recommended that you take the same actions for carpets, rugs, and curtains. 

How do bed bugs spread?
It is just a myth that bed bugs prefer and thrive in unclean environments. Like other living creatures, they inhabit locations that provide them with shelter and sustenance in the form of moisture and darkness. This nature makes it possible to find them even in newly acquired furniture. They are mobile, which allows them to spread from location to location. They latch onto clothes, garments, hair, and sometimes pets, which, when relocated, carry these insects with them.

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