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TAP Insulation

TAP Insulation – Attic Insulation Phoenix

Taking ACTION against pests since 1969


What is TAP Pest Control Insulation?

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) is a “loose-fill,” cellulose insulation that is installed by being blown into attics. This product can only be installed by licensed pest management professional. TAP Insulation is made up of recycled ground up newspapers that is treated with natural borates to provide its unique pest control characteristics. TAP Pest Control Insulation is a superior insulation product that guards against mold and mildew, offers excellent acoustical control and fire resistance with year-round energy savings, and provides permanent pest protection backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s great for attic insulation in Phoenix homes and commercial businesses.

Why Choose TAP Insulation?

energy-star-insulationACTION Termite & Pest Control  is proud to be a certified vendor for TAP Insulation. It is of the highest quality of attic insulation product available. Not only does TAP carry the Energy Star seal that helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it is the only insulation that can help eliminate insects such as crickets, earwigs, ants, termites and much more common house hold pest.

Introducing T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation

EPA-registered TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an innovative solution for removing unwanted pests from the home while helping save money on energy costs all year long.

T•A•P® stands for:

  • Thermal
  • Acoustical
  • Pest Control

These three primary benefits of TAP Pest Control Insulation help deliver comfort, protect your family’s health, and save money.

As an EPA-registered pesticide, TAP Pest Control Insulation, first and foremost, controls common pests that invade the home through the attic such as ants, bat bugs, booklice, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, darkling beetles, dermestids, earwigs, firebrats, kudzu bugs, lady beetles, millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish, slugs, snails, sowbugs, stink bugs, and termites (including Formosan Termites).

As a cellulose insulation, TAP Pest Control Insulation is produced by grinding-up old newspapers into small enough pieces where the paper fibers begin connecting to create small air pockets within the insulation. These small air pockets and the unique characteristics of the cellulose paper fibers are the key to the superior performance of TAP Pest Control Insulation.


Both qualities help achieve a comfort level unsurpassed by other insulation products on the market.

Learn more about each of the benefits of T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation:

Thermal Benefits of  T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation

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TAP Pest Control Insulation serves as a blanket for your home when installed in the attic. The cellulose fibers interconnect to create a nearly perfect balance of the two qualities homeowners should look for in their insulation: dense enough to stop air flow while light enough to trap heat.

Heat flows much easier through hard materials than through air. The small paper fibers of TAP Pest Control Insulation interconnect to create small pockets of air which work to slow the overall flow of heat through the insulation. The thing that makes TAP Pest Control Insulation unique is the paper fibers are heavy enough to also slow the flow of air through the insulation.

The amount by which any insulation product slows the flow of heat is measured in Resistance-value or R-value.  The greater the R-value, the better the general performance of the insulation.  The R-value of the insulation in your home is increased by adding more insulation. TAP Pest Control Insulation is a superior insulation with a good R-value. Therefore, it prevents heat loss via conduction and convection and is densely packed preventing heat loss via air infiltration and radiation. 

One very big difference between TAP Pest Control Insulation and other loose insulation is the ability to slow the flow of air as well as heat. Since TAP Pest Control Insulation is more dense, TAP® Pest Control Insulation does a better job at slowing the flow of air.  This is especially important during the coldest times of the year when the flow of air from your home is the strongest and when you also need your insulation to work the best.

How Much Do I Need?

Now that is a smart question!

When we come out to your home in the Phoenix, AZ metro area to discuss attic insulation or blown in TAP insulation we can let you know exactly how much you will need and exact costs during the FREE consultation.

The Savings Add Up

Adding TAP Pest Control Insulation to the attic saves homeowners up to 30% on their annual energy bill. Don’t, however, take our word for it. Click here to use the U.S. Department of Energy’s formula to determine the potential savings on your energy bill.


T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation is an ENERGY STAR® Partner

TAP Pest Control Insulation proudly bears the Energy Star seal of approval. To learn more about Energy Star ratings and TAP Pest Control Insulation’s classification, visit here.

T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation is an UL Classified

TAP Pest Control Insulation has been classified by Underwriters Laboratories as a product that demonstrates safety, confirms compliance, enhances sustainability, manages transparency, delivers quality and performance, and advances societal well being. It is just another reason that TAP Pest Control Insulation has become the most trusted pest control insulation product for the pest management industry and savvy homeowners across the U.S.


TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a registered trademark of Pest Control Insulation, LLC (US Patent No. 6,578,782). TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an EPA registered pesticide (No. 89140-1) that is safe and effective.

Acoustical Benefits of T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation

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TAP Pest Control Insulation works extremely well at reducing the amount of sound that flows through the ceiling of your home.  Many of the properties of TAP Pest Control Insulation that provide the thermal benefits also contribute to the acoustical benefits.

Just like it is easier for heat to flow through solid materials, it is also easier for sound to flow through solid materials.  The small air pockets created by the interconnection of the paper fibers in TAP Pest Control Insulation, reduce the amount of sound transmitted from fiber to fiber. Therefore, noise is ultimately reduced through the section of the ceiling where TAP Pest Control Insulation is installed. When installed at a level of R-60 across your entire attic (Thermal Benefits), the transmission of typical outdoor noises is almost completely eliminated.

Click here for more superior acoustical benefits of TAP Pest Control Insulation.

Pest Control Benefits of T•A•P® Pest Control Insulation

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TAP Pest Control Insulation is a unique form of pesticide for your attic as well as an excellent insulation material. The key aspect of TAP Pest Control Insulation that provides the pesticide benefit is the use of a very specialized form of borate material as an additive to the paper fibers. The borate material used in TAP Pest Control Insulation is commonly used by pest management professionals in cabinets, around baseboards of homes, and even around the outside of the homes to kill insects.  

The borate material is applied to the paper fibers during our patented manufacturing process. The natural characteristics of the paper fibers makes it possible for the specialized borate particles to lightly stick to the fibers. The borates are then evenly distributed throughout the insulation making it impossible for insects to crawl through it without contacting the borate particles.

Once an insect comes in contact with TAP Pest Control Insulation, the borate particles become connected to the insect.  Since most household insects are ‘self-grooming,’ they will ultimately ingest the particles which begins the process of killing the insect.  The borate particles work to kill the insect by disrupting the insect’s digestive process causing the insect to starve.  

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TAP® Pest Control Insulation… a unique form of pesticide for your attic as well as an excellent insulation material.

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