3 Overlooked Ways That Roaches Sneak Into Your Home

July 24, 2020

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3 Overlooked Ways That Roaches Sneak Into Your Home

July 24, 2020

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Living with roaches is a nightmare. You’re always fearful that they’ll crawl on you, get into your food, or surprise you when you least expect to see them. These nasty critters take a serious toll on your mental health. Your house is clean, but somehow, these pesky roaches are still finding their way in. You want them gone, and you want them gone now. Thankfully, with a few easy pest control tips, you can greatly decrease the likelihood of an infestation. To help you better protect your home from this nasty menace, check out these three major ways that roaches get into your home.

Latched to Clothing or Shoes

Roaches are everywhere. It’s easy to accidentally step on one or carry one home without noticing. If you step on a roach, then there’s a narrow chance that it will survive, follow you home, and lay eggs. They often crawl onto people’s pants without being noticed, covertly hitching a free ride into your home. Before you enter your home, quickly inspect your clothes and shoes for unwanted tagalongs.

Gaps and Cracks

A cockroach can slip through even the tiniest of cracks. They love sliding under screen doors and other semi-loose gaps. Furthermore, if you have any cracks in your siding or foundation, then you’re practically leaving your door open for these disgusting pests. On that note, don’t leave your doors open any more than you have to. Scanning your exterior every week can help you identify any damage before it spreads, and you’ll be able to identify possible points of entry before an infestation takes hold. If you like to crack your windows open for fresh air, then you’d better install screens to keep the bugs out. Roaches are sneaky and inconspicuous when they need to be, so make sure to seal all entrances in order to keep them out.

Hiding in Your Garbage

It’s no secret that these creepy critters love garbage. Anything with a hint of nutritional value is fair game to them. If your outdoor garbage receptacle is not completely airtight, then there’s a good chance that a swarm of roaches will be lining up for the free buffet. Every time you open your garbage bin, you’re giving roaches a chance to sneak out, latch onto you, and follow you inside. The best way to deter roaches is to use a locking lid and a bin that’s thick enough to resist cracks. Furthermore, increasing the distance between your home and your garbage receptacle will decrease the likelihood of a roach invasion.

Nobody should have to deal with these pests. By understanding how roaches infiltrate your home, you’re better prepared to take the proper pest control measures to keep them out. Roaches and other pests are always trying to find a new way in, so it’s up to you to stay vigilant in your pest control endeavors.

However if you still have a pest control problem with roaches or any other pesky bugs save time and money and call our team at ACTION Termite & Pest Control today for help.

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