4 Most Common Types of Termites in Arizona

September 20, 2019

4 Most Common Types of Termites in Arizona

September 20, 2019

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It’s important to correctly identify the species of termite attacking your home, in order to determine the right treatment. Let’s take a look at the four main species of termites native to Arizona.

Desert Subterranean Termites

The Desert subterranean termite inhabit the deserts of southern Arizona, reaching into Lower Baja California. They live inside desert plants including dead cactus skeletons, but can also infest and damage wood utility poles, buildings, and other wood structures.

These termites only need a gap of 1/32″ in a concrete foundation or in a brick wall to get inside the walls, roof and other structural wood of a building.

Desert subterranean termites swarm at night during the monsoon season, usually after a rain. The moist desert soil provides a good breeding ground for termites to start a new colony. A colony can contain more than 300,000 termites, and can include a territory of nearly an acre.

Arid-Land Subterranean Termites

The arid-land termite is widely distributed across the western half of the United States, and it is the most common destructive termite in the state of Arizona. It can be found in river valleys and along streams, but it’s primarily a prairie or desert termite. Arid-land subterranean termites naturally attack grease-wood and creosote bushes as well as anything made out of wood, including your home.

Western Dry-wood Termites

The Western dry-wood termite can be found in all the southwestern states, and is responsible for most of the dry-wood damage in Arizona. The dry wood termite can survive with a moisture level of less than 12%. Dry-wood termites are non-subterranean termites, because they don’t live underground.

Colonies have up to 2,000 termites, however, multiple-colonies in one location can cause severe damage. These termites are often moved to new areas by humans, through infested furniture and wood moved to new locations.

When dry-wood termites swarm, they fly straight into the building, infesting the wood directly, and they often re infest the same building. They generally go for exposed wood first, such as trim, eaves, window and door frames. They’ll squeeze into a crevice and begin attacking the wood.

Desert Damp-wood Termites

This Southwestern termite species infest wood below or at ground level. It will attack living bushes and trees, including grapevines and young citrus trees. This can be a serious problem for citrus groves. Likewise, they can infest moist wood in contact with the soil, such as untreated fence posts, poles, and fences.

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