Arizona Scorpion Season

April 22, 2022

Arizona Scorpion Season

April 22, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Scorpion Season in Arizona:

Scorpions are rampant creatures in Arizona. You most likely have seen one crawling in or around your home. Recently, you may be having more frequent interactions. This goes to show that scorpion season is here!
When is scorpion season? In Arizona, it can sometimes seem all year long. However, infestation isn’t as much of a concern when scorpions can freely roam the outdoors. But, when temperatures rise they are seen more inside the home.
The height of scorpion activity is during monsoon season; temperatures are hot and the air is humid — this weather is the most desirable condition for scorpions. Unfortunately, this is also the most challenging time to get their population under control.
Scorpion season often runs from as early as March all the way to October. This is when all types of scorpions are rampant in Arizona.

Here’s a few helpful tips and tricks:

1. Seal all open entry points and repair broken fixtures-
Scorpions use windows, pipes, holes and doors to enter the home. To ensure scorpions do not have any entry points keep these openings sealed. Fill cracks in the wall, floor or cover any holes that may become an entry way for these creatures.
2.Eliminate outdoor nesting areas-
Piling trash or firewood on the ground, outside your home during scorpion season gives scorpions room for a good breeding area. Scorpions find comfort on these piles and will choose to nest right outside of your home.
3. Keep up with trimming any overhanging branches or bushes-
The shade of an overhanging branch is a great way to help beat the Arizona heat. But, it also enables scorpions to access your roof. This will consequently allow the creatures to crawl into your home!
Scorpions tend to travel in groups. It is critical that you contact ACTION Termite and Pest Control if you find yourself cohabiting with a scorpion. If you find one there will likely be more hiding. These creatures are extremely resilient and require specialized and professional intervention.
The Action Scorpion Plus service is specifically tailored towards this endeavor. Not only do we locate their nests and eliminate them, but we also ensure that they do not find their way back onto your property by fixing all the possible entry points. Our technicians will get rid of these scorpion pests both in and around your home.

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