Arizona Bed Bug Infestation Requires Professional Help

April 18, 2018

Arizona Bed Bug Infestation Requires Professional Help

April 18, 2018

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People cringe when someone mentions bed bugs. These pests are definitely one of the most uncomfortable situations a family can face in Arizona, as well as any other state.

Bed bugs are known to live in the crevices of mattresses and come out at night to feast on the people slumbering in the bed. As if that isn’t bad enough, if left untreated, bedbugs can migrate to pillows,couches, stuffed animals and other places around the home. What is worse is that bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of, especially without the help of a professional pest control company.

Although bed bugs are extremely elusive and usually feast at night, the sight of a bed bug during daylight hours means that an infestation is likely. If left untreated, bed bugs will wreak havoc on a person’s peace of mind and often take over the entire house, causing residents a lot of undue stress.

It is important to look for early signs of bed bugs by noticing random red bumps, or bites after waking up. Checking the mattress for tiny brown blood droppings is also a good indication that you have a problem. After feasting on blood, a bed bug defecates the blood in droplets of feces on the mattress. This is a red flag that you have a problem and should contact a local professional to deal with the problem immediately.

Bed bugs often come with a stigma. People tend to believe that bed bugs only target unsanitary people. This isn’t the case at all. Anyone can accidentally contact bed bugs. Used furniture should be inspected for bed bug droppings before purchasing.

Apartment complexes are at high risk for being infested with the these blood suckers because people live in such close proximity to one another. Simply tossing the infested mattress from the apartment is not the answer, due to the fact that the bugs are not confined to that particular piece of furniture and probably moved to another apartment.

Also keep in mind that when someone discards a mattress with bed bugs, they don’t just die off. In fact, they can migrate to the carpeting of a nearby vehicle and hitchhike straight back inside the apartment complex.

With that said, a bed bug infestation is one in which a professional should be called to deal with at once. It is next to impossible to completely deal with this type of pest on your own.

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