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Feb 01, 2023

Are You Having A Hard Time Dealing With Roaches In Phoenix?

Cockroaches procreate quickly, and they spread germs. Find out what it takes to prevent these formidable bugs with Action Termite & Pest Control in Phoenix Read More

Jan 25, 2023

How Can I Tell If My Phoenix Home Has Rats?

Got rats! Take ACTION now against these pests to keep your home and family safe. Our service team members are here to help eliminate rats and keep them awa... Read More

Jan 15, 2023

What’s That Ant Inside My Phoenix Home?

If you are asking yourself, “What are those ants, and how do I get rid of them?” take ACTION now and call ACTION Termite & Pest Control to find a solution. Read More

Jan 10, 2023

How To Tell If Cockroaches Have Gotten Into Your Phoenix Home

Take ACTION against pests like cockroaches in your Phoenix home! Let us help eliminate these uninvited guests and keep your home and family safe. Read More

Jan 05, 2023

How Do I Know If I Have A Pigeon Problem On My Phoenix Property?

Dealing with pigeons on your Phoenix property? The most effective way to remove them is with the help of ACTION Termite & Pest Control. Call us today! Read More

Jan 01, 2023

How To Tell If Phoenix Bed Bugs Came Home For The Holidays

If you're traveling this holiday season, be aware of the risk of bringing bed bugs back to your Phoenix home. Partner with pest control professionals! Read More

Dec 30, 2022

Help! There Are Scorpions All Around My Phoenix Property

What signs show scorpions have plagued your Phoenix, Arizona home, and what harm can they cause? Find out how to keep these scary creatures away for good. Read More

Dec 20, 2022

Tips And Tricks To Prevent House Spider Infestations In Phoenix

Is a house spider invasion giving you sleepless nights in your Phoenix home? Learn how you can prevent them from infesting your home. Read More

Dec 10, 2022

I Need Help Preventing Termites On My Phoenix Property

Are termites giving you a headache in your Phoenix home? Learn how to prevent an infestation and eliminate pests. Read More

Dec 05, 2022

Should I Consult Professionals To Deal With Silverfish In Phoenix?

What signs show silverfish have infested your Phoenix, Arizona home, and what damage can they cause? Find out how to keep these insects away from your home... Read More

Dec 01, 2022

Are You Struggling To Deal With Roof Rats In Phoenix?

What kinds of problems can roof rats cause in your Phoenix home, and how do they affect your health? Find out how to keep these gnawing rodents away for go... Read More

Nov 27, 2022

How To Root House Spiders Out Of Their Hiding Spaces In Jasper

If spiders have invaded your home, it is time to learn about the spiders in Jasper and what you can do to get rid of them safely. Read More