3 Ways to Check For Termites before Purchasing a New Home in Phoenix

August 24, 2018

3 Ways to Check For Termites before Purchasing a New Home in Phoenix

August 24, 2018

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Shopping around for a new place to live means that you’ll get to check out open houses, see places that you’ve always dreamed of and eventually move into your vision of perfection. Along the way, getting swept up in the spacious rooms and yards of homes in Phoenix is easy, but you also want to check prospective properties for termite damage.

1. Don’t Miss the Signs

Some homes have obvious signs of termite damage, but you might miss them when you’re more focused on larger issues of the house. As you’re exploring potential purchases, consider bringing someone else along with you to help check for signs of termite damage. If, for example, you notice that the wooden pieces in the house look damaged and chewed, you can have some confidence that termites are at work in the home. You may even see termites actively residing in the space.

2. Look for Termite Traps

Another way to tell if the house has struggled with termite issue is to look for termite traps. For example, you might see a baiting system located outside of the house. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to avoid buying this house as proper termite-control systems can be quite effective. Instead, work to learn what pest control company in Phoenix the current home owners are using. If they are working with a reputable company, you could then consider continuing the services and protecting the space in the event that you decide to purchase that property.

3. Order an Inspection

 Getting an inspection is an important part of purchasing a house, but you want to make sure that the inspection includes a check for termites and termite damage and that you get this information before you make an offer. The inspection could very well reveal that the home is free from termite damage. On the other hand, you might learn that termites are either currently active or that they were at some point in the past. If this information is what you receive, consider speaking with representatives at a pest control company in Phoenix to find out what your options are. Then, you can decide if you want to pursue these services and purchase your dream home.

As you’re shopping for a new home in Phoenix, termites need to be on your mind. After all, you don’t want to discover an unfortunate surprise as you’re settling into the place.


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