Conducive Conditions

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Conducive Conditions

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Conducive Conditions

Conducive conditions are conditions which can cause termite infestations.
1. Moisture collecting around the foundation of the structure. This can be caused by several different things. For example, the grade of the yard sloping towards the structure and leaky or broken pipes. Any plumbing issues around the foundation of your home should be addressed immediately. (Link to 911)

2. Earth to wood contact. Examples of this are, wood fences attached to the structure and touching soil, patio posts going directly into the soil, and trellises attached to the structure also touching soil.

3. Excessive cellulose debris. Some examples of this include any type of wood such as firewood, construction lumber, and mulch being stored against the foundation of the structure.

4. Vegetation being planted too close to the structure. Planting vegetation against the structure traps moisture next to the structure and can attract termites. It can also prohibit a proper inspection and treatment from being done.

5. Faulty grade. Examples of faulty grade is, landscape sloping towards the home allowing water to drain towards the structure. Also, wood siding / stucco going down to the soil allows the termites to access to the structure without being detected.

Faulty Grade stucco to ground
Faulty Grade Planter
Earth To Wood Fence Abutting Structure


Drywood Termite Soldier
Earth To Wood Form Board
Earth to Wood Patio Post
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