Facts About Termites

September 2, 2022

Facts About Termites

September 2, 2022

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Termites are creatures that live in colonies and feed on dead plant matter. They are found on every continent except for Antarctica and are part of the family Termitoidae, infraorder Isoptera. Here are some facts about termite life cycles. Learn about the life cycle of termites, the larvae and workers, and the colony.

Termite life cycle

Termites are social animals and have several classes, including workers, soldiers, reproductives, and queens. The queen controls the population of termites by pheromones and suppresses the development of other queens. The queen also maintains pheromone levels in the colony at all times. She has many job duties and has the ability to lay up to 100 eggs per day.

Termite eggs

Termite eggs are usually white, but sometimes they can be pale orange or yellow. They are transparent and can look like small spheres or powder. They take about four weeks to hatch. Termite eggs are not harmful, but they can be a warning sign of termite activity.

Termite workers

Termite workers perform several different roles, depending on their sex, age, and habitat. The younger workers tend to remain in the colony and take care of the queen, repair, and feed the colony, and groom the other workers. Older workers move out to forage for food. Soldier termites are larger and have large jaws. They also bang against the tunnel walls to warn the colony of an impending danger.

Termite colonies

Termite colonies are self-replicating communities of individuals. Some colonies may consist of thousands of individuals, while others may only have a few hundred members. They swarm and spread in large numbers when temperatures are warm and rainfall occurs. Different species of termite swarm at different times of the year. Typically, they swarm during the afternoon or shortly after a soaking rain.

Termite damage

There are many ways to tell if your home has been affected by termites. Look for evidence of holes and tunnels in your wood, such as splintered floorboards and buckling ceilings. You may also notice cracks in your walls, sticks in your windows, or even destabilized lumber.

Termite control options

There are several different termite control options available in the United States. Some are more effective than others. For example, some types of baits work better than others. However, some of them can be toxic and have some drawbacks.

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