Pest Control: Your Health vs. Ants

February 26, 2021

Pest Control: Your Health vs. Ants

February 26, 2021

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Depending on the type of ant, some can cause potential health risks. Ant bites are likely to cause irritation and sometimes pain. If ants are not eliminated, they will continue to cause issues regardless of the time of year.

Who Is Likely To Get Bitten?
Any type of skin can attract an ant. If ants are not completely removed from the building, they are likely to continue causing problems.

Fire ants are more likely to affect those who live in the southern states like Alabama. Contrary to popular belief, they do exist in America and can be found inside mounds of red dirt. Fire ants can survive both indoors and outside.

How Are Ant Bites Treated?
Ant bites can cause a variety of reactions. Some can be relatively minor while others can cause red welts. Depending on the symptoms, treatment options will vary.

Fire ants can cause deep welts. These reactions are typically treated with oral steroids and can take a week to reduce symptoms. A severe reaction may require the individual to seek medical treatment. Fire ants can cause allergies.

What Is A Severe Ant Bite?
Most ant bites will cause a small, but sharp burning sensation. This can depend on where the bite occurs. For those who accidentally step on an ant mound, bites can feel much worse. After an ant bite occurs, it will eventually turn itchy before blistering the following day.

An allergic reaction to an ant bite can cause dizziness, swelling of the throat or tongue, difficulty breathing, and confusion. Severe reactions are treated in a medical setting and will need immediate attention.

How To Prevent Ant Bites
The best way to prevent ant bites is to prevent ants from entering the house. This can be more difficult than it seems. Surfaces and counter space must be kept sanitized as much of the time as possible. Sealing entrances or windows can also work. Food should be kept in storage containers and properly sealed.

Since ants can enter the premises regardless of cleanliness, sometimes pest control is necessary. There are several ways to get rid of ants including ant traps and pest spray. In the case of fire ants or an infestation, professionals may be necessary.

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