Have a Termite Issue in Arizona?

September 17, 2021

Have a Termite Issue in Arizona?

September 17, 2021

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Termites in Arizona are very common and can destroy any backyard tree. Usually, you only see the big ones, but some of those little “bugs” can be pests too. In fact, over thirty million people a year in the United States are treated for subterranean termite problems. Fortunately, termite control is possible and easy in Arizona.

A few years back when I was living in Phoenix, there was a termite control company near my house that used an underground tunnel to inspect for termites. The termites came. They were a bit older than usual, probably as a result of the flooding that took out the surrounding oak trees, and they were a few feet long. It was quite a shock, actually, because I had never seen these termites before and they were so much smaller than those that I had seen before, and it occurred to me that they were probably a new colony of termites that were emerging in Arizona.

You may also find termites living in soil. They usually do this in abandoned mines or other mineral-rich areas. You may also find termites living in tree bark or wood, but you may not always find them this way. It’s possible for you to find termites living in walls and floors, but it’s more difficult to determine whether they’re termites or something else. It’s also possible for you to find termites living in other places in Arizona, but underground, so if you can’t see them in the above-ground parts of your home, they may be elsewhere. For a little information about the types of termites in Arizona, check out the Arizona Department of Wildlife website or give us a call to schedule a Termite inspection.

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