5 Ways to Detect Termites in Your Home in Phoenix AZ

August 9, 2019

5 Ways to Detect Termites in Your Home in Phoenix AZ

August 9, 2019

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Do you have termite damage in your home?

Termites in Phoenix, AZ have caused hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars of damage to homes over the years. Luckily for homeowners, termites can be stopped in their tracks early if you learn how to spot them and get professional control services in a timely manner.

1. Blisters that Look Like Water Damage

Have you noticed new water stains in your wood flooring? If you see bubbles or blisters in wood floors but haven’t had any recent water damage, it could be a sign of subterranean termites.

2. Wings Near Doors and Windows

When termites create a new colony, they swarm to their new home and shed their wings. Once they’ve decided to land, they’re home for good. If you notice little wings laying in corners close to the entry points of your home such as windows and doors, it could be a sign of a new infestation.

3. Damaged and Hollow Wood

Termites eat cellulose, the long soft fibers inside wood. When they eat away those soft fibers they slowly hollow out the wooden beams and frames in the walls and floorboards of your home. Termite damaged wood sometimes has a honeycomb like structure inside, and sounds hollow or papery when knocked on.

4. Mysterious Sawdust

While termites are hollowing out the wood in your home, they create tunnels to travel through. In order to keep the path clean and clear, the bore tiny holes through to the surface. Those holes are used to kick out excrement. Since the termites eat wood, their waste looks like sawdust or coffee grounds. If you notice mysterious piles of sawdust or dark, dusty material it could be a sign that you have an infestation.

5. Doors and Windows that Stick

While tight fitting doors and windows that don’t like to open can be caused by humidity or excessive moisture, they can also be a sign of termites. Living in a drier climate, like ours here in the Phoenix area it may actually be less likely that humidity is the climate. When a colony of termites move into wooden door and window frames, they also bring a lot of moisture with them. Together, warping from burrows and moisture can deform wood fixtures over time making them more difficult to open and close.

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