How Can I Tell If My Phoenix Home Has Rats?

January 25, 2023

How Can I Tell If My Phoenix Home Has Rats?

January 25, 2023

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Have you noticed scratching noises in the walls at night; this is one of the clear signs of rats in your house. Perhaps you have seen rodent feces and thought it might be rat droppings. 

Rats are never welcome as house guests. Finding a Phoenix pest control company experienced with rat identification is essential to keeping your home and family safe. Rats cause a lot of damage inside homes and, left unchecked, will multiply quickly. 

Rats also carry diseases that expose your family to bacteria and parasites. Read on to learn more about the rats common in our area, the dangers they pose, and most importantly, what you can do about it.

Common Rats That Live In Phoenix

Two types of rats that are known to invade homes in Phoenix are roof rats and pack rats. Having proper rat identification can help with prevention and removal measures. 

Pack rats are pale buff, gray, or reddish-brown with relatively large ears and hairy tails measuring 8 to 20 inches long. Pack rats get their name because they collect various things to build their nests; they especially like small, bright, shiny objects. 

Roof rats are also prevalent pests in the Phoenix area. Roof rats are long and thin rodents with large eyes and ears, pointed noses, and scaly tails. They have soft and smooth fur that is typically brown with intermixed spots of black. They can be 13 to 18 inches long. Roof rats get their name because they usually like to nest up high in buildings. 

Clear Signs Of Rats In Your House

Knowing the signs of rats in your house will help you contact a pest control company promptly; before dealing with a rat infestation. Here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Look for gnaw marks on furniture, food packaging, pipes, and just about anything else they can get their teeth on.
  • Keep an eye out for rat droppings throughout the home and urine marks.
  • You may spot greasy rub marks or trails between their food source and nest. 
  • Family members may notice torn upholstery or pieces of insulation as they are often used to create nests.
  • Scratching sounds may indicate rats inside walls or ceilings, especially at night.

Proactively watching for these signs can help keep your family and home safe from these pests.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Cause In Your Home

Rats can cause incredible damage to your belongings and the structure of your home. Rats inside walls will chew on wiring to the point of causing an electrical fire. They will destroy furniture and mattresses in your home to find nesting materials. Some rats will gnaw through pipes to gain access to food and water sources. 

Along with the damage to your house, the threat to your family’s health is tremendous with all the diseases rats carry. Rats introduce salmonella and E. coli into our food and onto surfaces in the kitchen, and their urine can cause jaundice. They can also bring other pests that carry diseases into your house, such as fleas.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Phoenix Rats

Proper rat identification is essential to keeping your family safe. Because of the danger of hantavirus, you should not touch dead or dying pack rats without appropriate personal protective equipment. Rats will bite if they feel trapped or scared, and most home pest control products fail to produce effective results.

The safest and most effective way to get rid of rats in your Phoenix home is to contact a local pest control company like ACTION Termite & Pest Control. Take ACTION now against pests to keep your home and family safe from rats.

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