How Do I Know If I Have A Pigeon Problem On My Phoenix Property?

January 5, 2023

How Do I Know If I Have A Pigeon Problem On My Phoenix Property?

January 5, 2023

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As an often overlooked pest for Phoenix homeowners, pigeons can be just as troublesome as other common pests and are more dangerous than you probably realize. They can also be responsible for the same damage that other pests are known for. If you suspect you have a pigeon problem around your home, get in touch with a Phoenix pest control professional before it gets out of hand. 

Why Pigeons Love Homes And Businesses In Phoenix

If you see more pigeons hanging around your roof, there’s a strong possibility that they have found a nearby water and food source. Without these resources, they cannot thrive, so if your roof overlooks a place where they can find something to eat, there’s a good chance they will have more interest in hanging out up there. They may have also found an entry spot into your attic, which can be challenging. 

If you notice pigeons on your roof, look in your attic to see if there’s any sign they might be nesting there. This area provides the ideal breeding ground where they’re warm and safe from predators. However, pigeons can create a real mess in the attic leaving behind nesting materials, droppings, pesticides, and feathers. This can lead to other insects or rodents making their way inside your home. Most Phoenix homes provide many factors that attract these pests and can lead pigeons to settle around your property, leading to long-term infestations. One of the best pigeon control methods is to evaluate conditions on your property that may lead to a bird infestation and remove them.

How Can I Tell If The Nest On My Roof Is A Pigeon Nest?

The main requirement for a pigeon nest is that it is protected and dry on a flat surface. They typically nest on roofs, attics, eaves, ledges, and under bridges. One way to identify a pigeon’s nest is that it’s not a pretty sight. Pigeon nests typically look like a mess of twigs, sticks, pine needles, grass, stems, and other debris. They are generally piled up and have a slight depression in the middle. Pigeons use their droppings to glue together all the nesting materials as they reuse the same nest. They will continue to add new nesting materials. These nests can weigh almost five pounds and may grow up to eight inches tall and 20 inches wide. 

The Problems Roosting Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

Pigeons are often considered harmless birds, even though they cause significant problems for humans. Some of these issues include: 

  • Transmitting fast-spreading and dangerous diseases such as salmonella and hepatitis. 
  • Even if a pigeon is not a carrier of a disease, it can carry other pests, such as lice and ticks, that are harmful and known to transmit pathogens. 
  • Causing damage with their habit of nesting inside electrical utilities and roosting inside of people’s roofs, they can cause direct damage. 
  • Not only can pigeons cause damage with their nests, but they can also cause significant damage with their droppings. These highly corrosive droppings can chew through metal and concrete and cause unpleasant smells and sights. 

If you suspect a pigeon infestation, leave the removal to pest control professionals.

The Most Effective Way To Remove Pigeons From Your Property

The pros at ACTION Termite & Pest Control can deliver pigeon infestation control in a reliable, safe, and effective way to remove birds from your property. Our team will eliminate any avian infestation you are dealing with and help clean up the area, completely sanitizing your property and returning it to safety. Contact us today to learn more about our Phoenix bird control offerings.

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