How to Eliminate Scorpion Around Your Phoenix Home

March 5, 2021


How to Eliminate Scorpion Around Your Phoenix Home

March 5, 2021

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Pest control is a mandatory exercise for every family. Pests infections are not welcoming; hence actions must be taken immediately. According to a bi-annual survey conducted in Arizona, pest infestation might rise during the fall, leading to deadly repercussions to human beings, domestic animals, and wild animals. Scorpions are the scariest pest that has a poisonous and painful sting. We endeavor to enlighten us on eliminating them and keeping them at bay as far as human life is concerned.

Scorpions are common in the United States of America in different states, including Arizona, more so in the phoenix area. They have different colors and sizes, but commonly one is pale gold with few inches in length. Scorpions are commonly found in newly constructed homes, more so in metropolitan areas and their environs. Scorpion habitat is just in the debris of a construction site and in cracks and spaces in walls.

Let’s discuss the Arizona Bark Scorpion. There are over 90 species of scorpions in the USA; the deadliest and venomous one is the Arizona Bark Scorpion, with enough venom that it can end human life once it stings him. Efforts should be put in place to avoid them; even though some may not be deadly as the Arizona one, they may cause painful feelings when stung. If you see a scorpion, approach it with caution, remove it using hand gloves, and wear other protective clothing like long sleeves. In case you are not ready enough to deal with the scorpion, you can contact a professional pest control specialist to give you a helping hand.

The following ways will work well to enable you to avoid encounters with scorpions in your homestead.

Eliminate all standing and stagnant waters around your home compound and its periphery. Seal and repair crevices and cracks around windows, doors, and walls can be a potential entry point for scorpions and other related pests. Inspect wall cabinets and other dark areas in your house often to determine the presence of a scorpion or its breeding site. Lastly, make sure you stay in a net environment by clearing any debris, bushes, and other unwanted rubbish around your home. Firewood should be stored far away from your home area, at least 30 feet.

If you have scorpions or want to prevent scorpions in your Phoenix home or business call us for help today.

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