How To Inspect for Termites

July 7, 2014

How To Inspect for Termites

July 7, 2014

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It would be difficult for people to simply come across a termite infestation in their own homes. Termites often reside in dark, moist environments, and they are not easily observed. The only way to find termites is by actively searching for them. People must learn how to inspect for termites if they want to prevent their homes from sustaining large amounts of damage, which can cost a small fortune to repair.

A Mysterious Manifestation of Mud

If mud-like material begins to appear in a house, it is a clear indication that termites are present. When these creatures burrow into wood, they usually leave only a thin layer of the surface untouched. This layer will often break, and the termites repair it using a substance generated from soil, feces, and saliva. Mud tubes are also created by the termites to connect their home to their food source. These structures are easily fractured, and people should break them as a way of telling whether or not an active colony is inside.

Other Subtle Warning Signs

People should thoroughly conduct an annual termite inspection to protect their home. It is important that they are especially observant, as most warning signs are miniscule in size. Detecting the presence of mud is not easy to manage, and there are several other subtle indications that a home has an infestation. Buckling paint and tiny holes in wood should be given serious examination, and wood that makes a dull, hollow sound when tapped may be infected. If any of these signs are observed, then a pest service should be contacted immediately.

The Importance of a Thorough Inspection

Many people are unfamiliar with how to inspect for termites, but it is important that they learn. Pest services are more than capable of exterminating termites, but assistance cannot be sought when a problem goes unnoticed. The evidence of an infestation is quite difficult to witness. However, by taking the time to conduct a thorough inspection, people can eliminate termites before serious harm can be done. If you need more answers about termite inspections and how to inspect for termites, ask an expert from ACTION Termite Control by calling (877) 556-4131 today.

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