6 Pests (Especially Termites) You Want To Keep Out Of Your AZ Home This Summer

July 13, 2018

6 Pests (Especially Termites) You Want To Keep Out Of Your AZ Home This Summer

July 13, 2018

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Summer is a time for coming out. You are coming out of the office for sunny days at the lake, and the kids are coming out of school for a break from academics. The pests are also coming out of hiding and finding their way into the cracks and crevices of your home. Here are five of the most annoying and prevalent pests you may find on a hot summer day in Arizona.

1. Scorpions
The average person knows that a scorpion is dangerous. The ordinary Phoenix resident, however, does not understand the true magnitude of this pest’s power. A scorpion has the ability to render a life-threatening sting to anyone. Elderly persons and children are at especially high risk of suffering immense pain and possibly facing death after a sting. Scorpions are everywhere in Arizona, which is why you should plug any holes or cracks in your home or attic to keep these dangerous critters out.

2. Tarantulas
Did you know that Phoenix, AZ is home to nearly 30 different species of tarantula? There is no way to guarantee a summer of fun without at least one of these pests finding its way into your home, garage, or yard. Warm nights are especially appealing to tarantulas since they find the weather ideal for wandering and discovering new territory. You need to be proactive to ensure that they do not deem your home as their new space.

3. Ticks
Ticks primarily concern themselves with animals. It is not uncommon, however, for a blood-thirsty pest as such to drain fluids from a human’s vein. The Brown Dog Tick is the most common type of species in its class to circulate the Phoenix area especially up north and you should ensure that your dog, cat, and kids are protected from this little pest when they play outside.

4. Ants
Is there is any place that masses of ants cannot be found? Arizona, unfortunately, has fire ants as well as the traditional brown critters. Fire ants bite and have the potential to cause serious injury to children who may stumble on one of their mounds. The best way to be proactive in keeping these insects away is to keep all food sealed. Ants tend to leave homes where little to no food is available for their consumption.

5. Cockroaches
As with ants, cockroaches are pretty common in America. You, however, do not have to live with these disgusting critters. Roaches are typically drawn to unclean conditions and tend to stay where there is an abundance of food and water. You do well to starve these annoying pests by keeping food sealed and standing water to a minimum.

6. Termites

Termites will destroy your home or business to the point of no return unless you get an annual termite inspection and termite treatment we can help you with. They are one of the worst pests you can have in Arizona.

Of course, the best way to prepare your home for summer weather, termites, and pests is to have our professional exterminate the premises. We proudly provide termite and pest control in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today to schedule an appointment for service!

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