Need a Termite Inspection in Arizona?

August 20, 2021

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Need a Termite Inspection in Arizona?

August 20, 2021

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Termites are one of the worst kinds of pest around. They are the cause of many homes’ structural decay, costing homeowners thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of work. Unfortunately, they can also be very difficult to detect. Although it is possible to spot a termite before it does any real damage, detecting termites as they start to cause trouble isn’t always so easy. It takes a special kind of sensing to know when a termite is about to dig, fly, or do any of the other destructive things that they do.

Subterranean termites are the second most destructive kind of pest. They are also the most widespread. They require soil to survive and therefore build mud tubes to take food away from the wood they eat. They usually are found in houses, frequently attacking the foundation, structural wood joists, insulation, and plumbing pipes. Wood-destroying insects such as these are most often found in the garage and basement areas but can also be found in sheds, attics, driveways, wells, crawlspaces, and out in the yard.

The best way to detect an infestation is to have a termite inspection performed at least once per year. If the inspector doesn’t find evidence of an infestation, you may still have an infestation. These destructive insects love wood but are also attracted to metal, drywall, and cardboard. Having a home inspected for termites is the only sure way to know for sure if you do or don’t, have an infestation.

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