Need Termite Treatment in Phoenix?

December 16, 2021

Termites in Phoenix

Need Termite Treatment in Phoenix?

December 16, 2021

Termite Treatment is the most effective way to get rid of termites and prevent them from coming back. Several treatments are available, but the best option is a perimeter treatment. This treatment is the most effective and lasts up to 8 years. It uses a liquid product, called Termidor, to kill termites and prevent their future infestation. The best way to use this treatment is to schedule it ahead of time. However, the duration of this treatment may depend on a number of factors.

Several companies offer various treatment methods and warranties. Usually, termite companies offer warranties for their services. In addition, many of them will repair any areas damaged by termite activity. Although it is difficult to date the exact onset of termite infestation, some companies do not cover the cost of repairs if the infestation is recent. For example, structures that have sub-slab heat ducts, drainage systems, and wells are inaccessible for proper treatment. Similarly, crawl spaces are not treated according to industry standards.

The best way to prevent termites from entering structures is to avoid wood that is exposed to moisture. If there is a lot of wood exposed to the elements, avoid planting trees close to houses. Also, avoid storing wood debris near houses. Performing periodic inspections is the best way to prevent any damage from termites. Besides a regular inspection, you can also incorporate physical barriers to block termites from entering the structure. For example, steel mesh, and sands of specific sizes can act as effective barriers to termites.

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