Pest Control for Restaurants in Phoenix

Taking ACTION against pests since 1969

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Pest Control for Restaurants in Phoenix

Taking ACTION against pests since 1969

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Calvin Bovee
Calvin Bovee
December 21, 2023
Used Action Termite & Pest Control to treat my termites. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive throughout the process. Art & Roy were both a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!
Shelle Harman
Shelle Harman
December 21, 2023
Daniel was the best finding the issue and teaching me! Thank you !!
Denise Whisman
Denise Whisman
December 21, 2023
Bill was awesome to work with. Incredibly knowledgeable and patient while explaining everything. Can't thank Bill enough for his quick work and professionalism!
Bob Donley
Bob Donley
December 21, 2023
Very professional and arrived on time.
John Lucius
John Lucius
December 20, 2023
Knowledgeable, insightful courteous, listens to concerns and resolves them..
Raquel Amador
Raquel Amador
December 20, 2023
Mike Boswell got everything taken care of and answered all my questions/doubts.
Lisa Treat
Lisa Treat
December 20, 2023
Battle with the bugs begins! Excellent advice and service. Thanks!


Pest Control in Restaurants in the Phoenix AZ metro area

Whether you own a small cafe or a five-star restaurant, pest concerns pose a
substantial risk to your day-to-day operations. From contaminated food and negative
customer reviews to the health and safety of patrons and employees, addressing an
infestation is crucial. ACTION employs integrated pest management solutions in
kitchens, bathrooms, and every other space in restaurants to bring you the peace of
mind you need.

Common Pest Issues in the Restaurant Industry

Just as customers gather to enjoy the food and atmosphere of your restaurant, so
do a whole host of pests. A fully stocked kitchen offers rats and mice the food and
water they need to survive, as well as the warmth and shelter to reproduce and
thrive. Rodents are also known carriers of disease and can transmit bacteria to
dinnerware and food through their droppings.

Cockroaches are another reason diners and restaurants need commercial pest
control. Like rodents, these insects carry bacteria on their bodies and contaminate
workstations and food, which can lead to illness and poor reviews. Due to their size,
cockroaches can easily hide in crevices and behind shelves. It’s here, out of sight,
that the insects reproduce to quickly infest entire restaurants. Pest control to manage cockroaches at restaurants, cafés, and diners in our area is of utmost importance.

How Do Pests Invade Restaurants?

Pests find entry into diners and restaurants through open doors and windows,
cracks in foundations, and in supply deliveries. However, exterior property conditions
like standing water and overflowing garbage dumpsters also attract numerous
animals and insects. In these cases, proper outdoor maintenance and an integrated
pest management plan can keep these issues in check and may be able to prevent
the pests in the first place


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee we can take care of the pests that most plague a restaurant and you won’t pay until you are completely satisfied with the results. We will stand behind our services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to back it up.

Online Customer Portal

Our online customer portal makes pest management at your restaurant simple. Pay invoices when it’s convenient for you, review reports, monitor applied treatments, and even analyze trends with proactive solutions.

Discreet Treatment

We know how sacred your reputation is, and even though pest control is super
important, it’s not the most appetizing thing to think about. We will work out times
that are best for your restaurant so our service visits are both effective and discreet.

Experienced Certified Technicians

Our trained and certified technicians are continually receiving continuing education
on pest products and control methods so we can provide top-notch pest
management services for your restaurant. Our team is among the best-educated in
the industry and has a solution to any pest problem you may have.

How We Serve the Foodservice Industry

● Experienced local technicians
● 24-hour emergency response time
● Bioremediation services for drains
● Sanitation & maintenance tips
● Easy-to-read logbooks and reports

In our digital world of online reviews, one pest sighting can destroy a restaurant’s
reputation. If you’ve ever asked how do restaurants keep flies away, including fruit
flies, then you should call us for bioremediation service. You need a pest
management provider you can trust to provide discreet service that doesn’t disrupt
your patrons’ dining experience and even provide odor control service to neutralize
the odors in garbage or dumpster areas. Our experienced technicians understand
the unique challenges your industry faces — from how to get rid of bar flies to food
safety regulations to keeping your facility disinfected with our ACTION Disinfectant
Service. We can even provide our ACTION White Glove service to the most upscale
of restaurants. Don’t forget about your outdoor areas whether it’s 5 picnic tables or a
full rooftop bar, flies, roaches, and rodents can ruin the experience.

Common Pest Threats at Restaurants

With ample food and water available, it’s no surprise that pests are attracted to
foodservice establishments. Roaches, flies, rats, mice and ants are all common
restaurant invaders. But with an ACTION Integrated Pest Management program in
place, you can help ensure these unwelcome diners stay away from your
business—and your bottom line.

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