Why You Should Have Year Round Pest Control Service in Phoenix AZ

March 23, 2018

Why You Should Have Year Round Pest Control Service in Phoenix AZ

March 23, 2018

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Pests Are Active All Year Round
Everyone knows that mammals prefer to stay indoors during the cold winter months. Bears stock up on food and hibernate, while humans remain in their houses for the whole season. However, most people do not know what happens to the smaller pests or assume that they are killed by the harsh conditions. As a home or apartment owner, it’s important that you know what happens to pests all year round.

Mice and Rats

Like cockroaches, mice and rats live in dark, hidden places within people’s homes. They are more menacing than insects because they chew through walls, furniture and personal belongings. Rodents are more hazardous because they carry and spread diseases. Whether it’s cold or warm, you cannot maintain the risks of keeping them in your home.


Cockroaches have existed since before humans have, so they are exceptional at adapting to all types of environments. Some people think that they can’t survive in wintry conditions, while others think that they can. Most cockroaches of all species are capable of finding warm places to hide in during the winter. They often live near sources of food and water, such as homes and buildings.


During the warmer months, ants are commonly found in unclean kitchens, walking around in broad daylight and looking for food. It’s possible that you will find a colony inside when it gets cold outside. However, many of them choose to remain outdoors in underground burrows. Like bears, they fill up on food and survive for months without consuming anything. When the temperatures increase, you’ll find anthills and streams of ants ready to invade your property again.

Although it’s not entirely obvious, most wintertime pests in Phoenix do survive and burrow inside of your home. Just because you don’t see a stream of insects walking around in the kitchen does not mean that the pests are not there. When the temperatures get lower, the pests may get fewer, but you should still consider contacting a pest removal professional.

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