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Taking ACTION against pests since 1969


Pigeon Control Phoenix

Taking ACTION against pests since 1969


Pigeons are the number one pest problem around the World, including Phoenix, AZ. They speed-up building deterioration and large amounts of pigeon feces can kill vegetation. They are known to carry deadly diseases- such as the airborne disease, Histoplasmosis. It’s best to keep feral pigeons from roosting on and around your home and business.

Controlling and Protecting Your Home from Pigeon Infestation

Action offers a variety of control measures that will fit your specific needs. We handle everything from clean up and sanitation of the area, to exclusion work. This keeps pigeons from nesting on your property. We offer a trapping and relocating service to remove pigeons that just won’t leave your property.


Action’s Pigeon Control Service in Phoenix.

Worldwide pigeons are an acknowledged troublesome pest. Urban pigeons, in particular, are often compared to troublesome rodents. In Phoenix, they cause structural damage and leave their droppings all over- resulting in health concerns. Their invasive nature is problematic for both the environment and human well-being. These potential dangers make it necessary for us, at ACTION Termite & Pest Control, to offer an elaborate service for pigeon control in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why are pigeons a nuisance?

Pigeons are comfortable living around human activity. They build their nests on our properties and buildings. As they are safe and close to their food sources. These birds use their beaks to move aside and destroy building materials in a bid to gain shelter within a structure. They make their nests close to vital insulation, which becomes a problem over time. These creatures can cause severe damage to any structure they inhabit. Untreated roofing wood is especially vulnerable. This damage could result in the collapse of roofing material, leading to injuries and accidents. Their waste also damages paint on vehicles and other property.

Pigeons pose a health hazard to the people living in and around the structures they inhabit. Additionally, pigeons can become carriers for multiple human diseases such as the renowned bird flu and Histoplasmosis. This carrier status makes them extremely dangerous. These diseases find their way to humans through the droppings from these birds. The accumulation of this waste on your property exposes you and your family to many risks. Over time, it becomes a site for disease growth, causing fungi and mold. These elements become airborne and spread through your home. As a result, your family could develop deadly health infections. Pigeon feces can also aggravate asthma and other allergic reactions. Pets are also at risk of contracting disease. 

The presence of pigeons around your home may also attract dangerous predators, such as snakes. Snakes are known to feed on both the birds and their eggs. Pigeonholes again turn into entry points for other creatures and pests such as rats, squirrels, chipmunks, mice and even scorpions! Pigeons love to live in large flocks, which means they slowly attract others to inhabit a structure that has proved comfortable for them. 


At ACTION Termite & Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ, we offer a specialized service tailored for the cleanup, control, and removal of pest pigeons from your property. This service is provided for both residential and commercial properties. We will dispatch a professional who will preform a free inspection to determine your property’s pigeon situation. These technicians will then proceed to eject these problematic birds from their nests in your roofing structure. We will recommend and set up pigeon deterrents on various parts of your property to keep them away for good. The use of deterrent, trapping and relocation measures will safely and permanently rid your structure of these stubborn pests. Action’s experts will advise you on any preventive measures, after pest removal, to ensure that your home remains Pigeon-free. Our efficient process includes a thorough cleanup of your property, elimination of the remaining waste and nests, and wash out the afflicted sections. Action pigeon pest control program will leave you with a clean, sanitary, and pest-free environment upon completion. 

Benefits of ACTION Termite & Pest Control

A professional pest control service, such as the one offered by Action, guarantees a competent and efficient removal of this pest from your property. Once we execute our pest control plan, you are guaranteed to realize the accompanying benefits immediately. Our professional pest control service will ensure the protection of your family’s or colleague’s health. Once we eradicate these pests from your property, you will no longer have a problem with noise pollution from their incessant cooing or worry of health concerns from their droppings. This plan guarantees you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other endeavors. Our Action plan is designed to ensure these pests do not return once they have been evicted. We aim to ensure the safety of pets living on your property. As such, we use safe methods and equipment that in no way pose dangers to your pet family. Our professional service guarantees you value for your invested money.

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