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Roof Rats

Roof Rats Phoenix & Rodent Control

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Roof rats, and other rodents can carry diseases. A rodent or roof rat infestation can be difficult to eliminate once established. If you have a roof rat problem, notice rat droppings of a house mouse or unwanted gophers we can help! We are the top roof rat, vector control, and roof rat infestation experts in the Maricopa county area.

No matter the roof rat and rodent situation, Action will have the solution. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Trapping Service – We use both snap traps and live traps depending on the rodent problem.
  • Baiting Service – Used mainly for pac rats or other exterior rodents to eliminate the rodent population.
  • Rodent Exclusions – This service is used to keep rodents from entering a structure for both infestation control and prevention. All our exclusion work is backed up with a warranty!

Species such as roof rats and mice are among the most common in the Valley, damaging insulation, sprinkler heads, palm trees, water heaters, sewer stacks, tree branches walls, and even electrical wiring in the homes where they take residence.


Roof Rats & Rodents 

We can all agree that roof rats and rodents can be a nuisance. Roof Rats, black rats, can invade your home and keep a low profile. Their secretive nature makes them avoid human interaction as much as possible. The signs of roof rats, black rats and rodents on your property manifest as unexplained rustling noises, nests, droppings, roof rat odors and dirt piles. Roof rats are annoying and very destructive to property and hazardous to your health. When black rats or roof rats infest your home, they chew on everything from food to furniture. Roof rats and black rats pests also love to destroy your wiring, books and utility piping. This damage could expose you to catastrophic electrical sparks, short-circuiting and leaks that can destroy your home. They love pet food. Many pets have a food dish or bowl and water bowl, this acts as a great food and water source for rodents. Other food and water sources are water heaters, bird seed and citrus trees. If you see rat droppings by your water heater you might have a leak and that might be a water source for the roof rats.

Roof rats and other rodents are hosts for numerous diseases, which can be passed to other animals and humans. Taking your stance against these roof rats may be moderately effective but comes with its risks. Not knowing how to handle these creatures and having ineffective equipment bait traps, and vector control could only aggravate the situation and even result in accidents and infection. Professional roof rat and rodent control services such as ACTION Termite & Pest Control are the key to a more suitable and long-lasting solution. Our professional roof rat services ensure that your family stays safe and healthy as we affect our pest eradication measures. A professional control service guarantees the best pest removal results.

Action’s Rodent Control Service
ACTION Termite & Pest Control have years of reputable experience in roof rat, black rats, rat bite fever, rodent control and extermination. This experience allows us to put together a competent rodent control plan that eradicates them and keeps them from returning. Our pest technicians are properly equipped and trained to handle infestations on both commercial and residential property, safely. Equipped with bait, traps, and protective gear, our technician will first get rid of potential food sources and hydration points. They will then locate nests and set up traps, depending on their assessment of the situation.

Once the pest threat is eliminated, they will outfit your home with the necessary exclusion measures. These measures involve locating and sealing off all entry points. They will also clean up and remove dead rats, droppings and nests. Clutter, piles and debris are removed to ensure these pests don’t inhabit them. With your consent, we will install door sweeps on exterior doors to keep out pests. Our technicians will also inspect your walls, attic and gutters, making sure they are tidy and pest free.

Family and pet health and safety is at the core of our principles, and this is reflected in the tools and equipment we use to ensure the impeccable quality of our service. Our rat exclusion service involves advising property owners on how to keep these pests away. This service protects your home from structural damages, health hazards and pest nuisances. Property owners can reach ACTION Termite & Pest Control in Arizona for these rodent and roof rat services and using our contact information.

Benefits of Professional Action Pest Control
Getting rid of roof rats and rodent activity is not an easy endeavor. ACTION Termite & Pest Control service offer an elaborately tailored and professional service to commercial and residential properties. This service is meant to make pest exclusion an extremely easy process for you. Doing your pest control exercise can be time-consuming, tiring, expensive, and dangerous for your health. These risks make it necessary for you to hire a pest control professional like ACTION Termite & Pest Control to take this load off your back.

Our professionalism ensures high levels of efficiency while delivering exceptional, customer-friendly and timely services. The Rodent Control service plan is meant to completely rid your property of roof rats and other menacing rodents to ensure the occupants of that property are well protected. Most significantly, pests cause damage to your property and expose you to harmful diseases. This service is implemented using three courses of action, which include baiting, trapping and pest exclusion. Our service will also ensure the safety and health of your pets is protected. We use home-friendly tools and equipment that ensure the pests are the only casualties of our actions.

Rat exclusion measures

Once we are done ridding your home of these pests, we will educate you on measures you can take to keep them from re-infesting your property. Rats, if left uncontrolled, can quickly populate and overrun your home. The first step in keeping rodents away is usually to deprive them of their means of sustenance. This deprivation forces them to relocate in search of water, food and shelter. Rats and rodents are unable to reproduce and increase in number in an inhabitable space. Leaving debris unattended around your property allows rats and rodents to find shelter. Getting rid of these piles will make sure the pests have no cover as they seek shelter on their way to your home.

If you are providing a food source water source and nesting place you might see more roof rat activity. Nesting places can include tree branches storage boxes, brush piles and even bird baths.  Another food source for roof rats is bird seed, bulk foods, citrus trees, glue boards, and citrus crops.

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