Tips on Landscaping Arizona Yards to Prevent Termites

February 7, 2020

Tips on Landscaping Arizona Yards to Prevent Termites

February 7, 2020

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Termites need two things to survive: food and water. To keep termites away from a home, business or other property it is important to keep the surrounding area free of excess water. The installation of new landscaping needs to be completed in a manner that will reduce moisture around a home. A few simple steps can help keep a yard dry and free of termites.

Sprinkler Overspray

Sprinklers are used in many parts of Arizona to keep grass green. Sprinklers need to be set to spray only on vegetation. A sprinkler that sprays onto the side of a home will create an excess of water on the ground near the home. This water can support termites and other pests. Sprinklers should also be set to not over water a lawn.

Ground Slope

When landscaping is changed, it is important for the land to slope away from the home. The slope is important for keeping moisture away from the home. Though it doesn’t rain a lot in Arizona, the infrequent rains often result in excess water that can run under the home if the proper ground slope is not maintained.


When changing landscape, those in the Phoenix area should consider hardscaping. Hardscaping is a type of landscape that uses rocks, pavement and other materials that will not require watering. Hardscaping is long-lasting and simpler to maintain than traditional landscaping materials. Best of all, hardscaping materials are not a food source for termites and other pests.

Treating New Landscaping

Liquid barriers are a common way to prevent termites from entering a home. These barriers can be disrupted when significant landscape work is completed. After landscaping work, it is important to have the barrier reapplied to prevent future termite infestations. Some types of landscaping materials can even be directly treated with the barrier liquid.

Termites can be a serious problem and cause a lot of damage. However, with proper prevention and professional treatment, a home can be kept safe from termite infestation. For more information on preventing termites or getting rid of a current infestation, give us a call.

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