3 Reasons Roaches Infest Your Clean Phoenix House

June 12, 2018

3 Reasons Roaches Infest Your Clean Phoenix House

June 12, 2018

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Have you been struggling with cockroaches in your Phoenix, AZ home? Would you like to know what causes a roach infestation even if your house is clean? If you’re like everyone else you don’t want to see these pests in your home. Have you tried keeping your house spotless, keeping your food sealed in containers and taking out the trash regularly but you still have roaches? Roaches are incredibly versatile and eat anything, including what you don’t expect. Additionally, they have sharp water finding senses and are experts in hiding. Here are some situations that may make roaches love your house regardless of your level of cleanliness.

  • Damp area and leaky pipes

Cockroaches require water to survive, meaning they will wander into the home to find it. A leaky faucet or pipe is like a huge water fountain for cockroaches. The pest will gravitate towards standing water, condensation from air conditioners or refrigerators including your pet’s water bowls. Because they love to be in dark places it’s easy for them to survive in a damp area like the basement because it tends to be moist and dark. During other times, cockroaches love to stay in dark corners of the cabinets or crawl under large appliances particularly if they have water.

  • Outgrown outdoor spaces

If you’re a neat freak but you never weed your garden, you will definitely have roaches in your yard. Cockroaches enter the yard to search for the same things they look for inside our homes: water, shelter, and food. Since cockroaches are thirsty creatures, they will search for any standing water, be it in your flower pot, gutters or birdbaths, just to stay hydrated. What’s more, any compost or woodpile in your compound will offer both shelter and food. Dense vegetation, leaf litter, and mulch also offer the pets suitable hiding places. In case your recycling bins and trashes are kept outside, roaches can easily squeeze themselves in just to enjoy a tasty treat.

  • Glue, cardboard, and other delicacies

Do you have cardboard boxes in your home? These are a treasure to roaches because they offer both darkness and shelter. The roach may even get lucky if the box is a little damp. To make the matters worse, a cardboard is still a good source of food for cockroaches. These pets are not picky eaters. Even though they like eating food debris, they can also dine on leather, soap, human hair, grease, wallpaper paste, book bindings and cardboards. Cockroaches always find a snack wherever they go.

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