Can You Use Soap as a Mouse Repellent in Phoenix?

June 14, 2019

Can You Use Soap as a Mouse Repellent in Phoenix?

June 14, 2019

There is a common belief among homeowners in Phoenix and elsewhere throughout the state that soap acts as a deterrent to mice and other rodents. This belief is not exclusive to Arizona, and you can find numerous do-it-yourself guides online that mention this as a technique. With that in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to challenge this notion and see if it holds up in real-word applications.

Soap, Mice and Recent Research

Soap has been found to deter some wildlife, and this has probably led to the idea that it will deter field mice as well. Research has been hit and miss. It has worked in some cases but not others. The closest anyone has come to determining why it works when it works is recent research in California. A group found that soaps with a certain antibacterial agent tend to be more effective in this regard. However, it was determined that soaps overall are more often ineffective than they are effective.

Mice Actually Eat Tallow

Researchers also found that when soap doesn’t work, it can make matters worse. This is because many soaps contain tallow, which is animal fat. Mice eat animal fat. That means that if you have mice in an area, they may be drawn to the soap as the most attractive food source available to them.

A Clean Home

The best deterrent to mice is a clean home. The goal should be to make your home as unattractive to mice as possible. This, of course, means dusting and vacuuming regularly. Clean dishes soon after eating. Pay attention to water sources too. Even a small leak can attract them.

A Clutter-Free Home

But it’s not just about being dirty. You may be a perfectly hygienic but unorganized person. Be mindful that mice love clutter! Something like a stack of cardboard may seem perfectly harmless, but it may be just what mice need for nesting. Be conscious of deterrents and nesting opportunities not just in the home but on the perimeter as well.

Professional Options

Whether you live Scottsdale or Surprise or anywhere else in Arizona, rely on professional rodent control. Over-the-counter options are often ineffective when it comes to the big picture and can cost residents more in the end. Our rodent control experts in Phoenix cannot only help you rid your problem in the short-term but help you determine why it happened so that you can avoid it happening again over the long-term.

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