5 Facts About Termites in Scottsdale That You Need to Know

August 17, 2018

5 Facts About Termites in Scottsdale That You Need to Know

August 17, 2018

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If you’ve been unlucky enough to find termites in your home, then it’s likely you have a million questions going through your head. From wondering how to get rid of them to questioning how they got there in the first place, it can be difficult to sift through all that’s going on with this issue. At ACTION Termite & Pest Control, we want to help by sharing some of the most important facts about termites below.

1. Termites Don’t Eat Quickly

One termite would take over 3,100 years to eat all of the wood in a 1,000 square foot home. While this might sound like good news, keep in mind that termites never work or live alone. Often times, they come in a group with thousands of other termites, which means they can eat through the wood in your home much more rapidly.

2. They’re Hard to Find

It’s not always obvious that you have a termite infestation, especially if you’re not looking for signs of it. This can mean these tiny little insects are around for months or even years before you find out about the damage that they’ve caused. For this reason, you may want to consider having regular inspections done within your home.

3. They Don’t Eat Just Wood

Some species of termites eat plants, fabrics, plastic, and even wallpaper. While the most common types of termites do eat wood, keep in mind they can be present in other areas of your home if they eat more than the basics.

4. They Can Visit Any Time of the Year

The warm and dry climate in Arizona is perfect for termites to thrive, so you can anticipate seeing them just about any time of the year. Most homeowners tend to see them anywhere from March to November, although infestations are not limited to those months alone.

5. They Don’t Need Sleep

If you’ve ever wondered how a large number of termites can do damage so quickly, it’s all in how they live. These insects spend the entire day eating and don’t require any sleep. This means they can dedicate every minute of the day to destroying your home as quickly as possible.

Beating Termites in Scottsdale

If you have an infestation or are worried about a termite infestation in Scottsdale, don’t wait! Call our team at ACTION Termite & Pest Control as soon as possible. We can do full termite removal and complete inspections to give you peace of mind. With a problem that can worsen by the time, we urge you to allow professionals to handle this for you.

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