Searching for Termite Control in Arizona?

September 2, 2021

Termites in Phoenix

Searching for Termite Control in Arizona?

September 2, 2021

You’ve heard of termites, but have you heard of subterranean termites? The scientific name, subterranean, describes them as living under the earth’s surface. Although they technically do not “live” underground, this term is used to describe the way they move and stay underground. As their food source, termites require a source of moisture to survive. These wood-eating pests were also given their name because they typically live in large colonies in swamps, and wetland areas, as well as beneath the earth’s surface.

What kind of damage can subterranean termites cause? These pests can invade homes in a number of ways. They can be found in tunnels created by ground movement or beetles, along with other kinds of debris and soil contaminants. And while these termites are generally not big enough to threaten home owners, they can, especially if a homeowner is careless or neglectful when it comes to termite control. For example, underground termites can build-up an accumulation of mud and debris, which can serve as a route for the pests to move from their colonies on the ground to nearby vegetation and into houses.

There are a few different kinds of termites in Arizona. However, the most destructive are black ants and brown marmorated ants. While there are many different types of ant species that can cause damage to a structure, these two are the most common and damaging. Luckily, Arizona has both kinds of termites, so homeowners don’t have to fear one termite over another. In addition, the damage caused by one type of pest doesn’t mean that there will be damage caused by another type.

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