Seeing More Pests During this Monsoon Season?

August 17, 2022

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Seeing More Pests During this Monsoon Season?

August 17, 2022

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If you’re experiencing the threat of Termites or Mosquitoes and more pests during Monsoon Season, you should immediately call a Pest Control expert. There are some common symptoms of a termite infestation that you should be aware of, including swarming, puddles, and spotting a swarming Termite. You’ll also want to make sure you have a plan in place to deal with any pest problems that might arise.


Termites are another major concern for homeowners, and if you’re not certain that your home is infested, you may want to consider termite control services. These insects can cause massive damage to your property. Termites can easily penetrate wooden furniture and even walls, so it’s important to identify any signs of infestation. Signs of infestation include mud tubes, powdered wood, and even a hollow sound.

Subterranean termites, which live underground, usually return to the surface during wetter seasons. These creatures are attracted to moist conditions and abundant water sources. They can invade your home during any time of the year, so you’ll want to make sure your foundation is protected. Using termite control services can help you deal with the problem regardless of the season. And if you’re concerned about Termites as part of monsoon pest control, consider hiring a pest company.


If you want to avoid mosquitoes during the monsoon, you should follow a few steps. Firstly, you must clear all water sources in and around your home. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so you must remove these areas to keep them free of mosquitoes. The next step is to ensure that your windows and doors are closed during the rainy season. Window nets are also useful in preventing mosquitoes from coming into your home.

You can also use various sprays to eliminate mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, polluted water. Mosquitoes are most prevalent in urban areas. It is recommended to use a spray that will kill the larvae and eggs of mosquitoes before they become adults. Similarly, you can plant marigold near windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.

Termite swarms

Termite swarms during the monsoon are a sign of an infestation that needs immediate attention. Although they are not very good flyers, these winged pests can easily travel 100 meters or more from their original colony. Once they have shed their wings, they begin to build a new colony underground. They also mate for life. Luckily, most termite swarms don’t start new colonies.

The most common swarm season is between June and September, when termite swarmers are active. They tend to be more active at night, so it’s best to get the termite control company in before the termites start swarming. Termite swarms during the monsoon season can also be a sign of a thriving termite infestation. Termite swarms during the monsoon season can lead to severe damage to buildings, including foundations and basements.

Termite puddles

Termites are attracted to wood and other moist areas. They feed on decaying timber. The presence of puddles around your home can attract them. Subterranean and drywood termites live and breed in damp areas, and they can be difficult to spot. Termite puddles are an indication of a potential infestation, and your best bet is to call a termite inspector as soon as you notice any signs of infestation.

The onset of rainy season provides the perfect conditions for termite swarms. Infestations caused by drywood termites can be minimized by using an effective termite control solution. These pests are most aggressive during the early spring season. For this reason, avoiding rainy weather is important. In order to get rid of a termite swarm, you should make sure to use an environmentally-friendly solution.

If you are seeing more pests during monsoon season and need pest control services contact our experts at ACTION Termite & Pest Control

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