Signs You Have Termites

July 28, 2014

Signs You Have Termites

July 28, 2014

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Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t discover that they have termites until the pests cause extensive and irreparable damage to their homes. When you are walking across your hardwood floor and your foot breaks through the wood, that’s a pretty obvious sign that you have termites. But there are less obvious signs you have termites for which you should be on the lookout. For most people, their home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. Termites can destroy the value of this investment.

Termite Tubes

One telltale sign you have termites is the presence of mud tubes on the outside of your house. Subterranean termites use these tubes as shelters while they feed. Take a flashlight and look around the foundation of your house. If you spot mud tubes, you should contact a termite-control company right away.

Termite Droppings

As termites feed on wood in your home, they deposit wood-colored droppings. The droppings are fine and the consistency of course dust. If you see areas of wood-colored dust, you should contact a company that is skilled in detecting and eliminating termites. That wood they are feeding on and weakening is your house.

Termite Swarms

If you see a swarm of bugs that resemble ants with wings, you likely are witnessing a termite swarm. Termites swarm when an established colony has reached capacity; adults of reproductive age leave the old nest to establish a new one. If you see a termite swarm around your house, you likely have an extensive termite infestation and you should seek professional assistance right away.

What Will a Termite-removal Company Do?

The most effective and most environmentally friendly way of detecting termites and killing them is using termite bait. Baiting termites involves installing plastic bait stations into the ground around a house or structure. The structures are filled with pesticides that will kill the colony’s worker termites. Bait stations can be used to stop an active termite infestation and as a preventive measure to protect a structure against future termites infestation.

To learn more about signs you have termites and the professional termite treatments available at ACTION Termite Control, call (877) 556-4131 today.

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