Symptoms of a Termite Infestation

August 12, 2022

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Symptoms of a Termite Infestation

August 12, 2022

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What are the symptoms of a Termite infestation? The most common signs of termite infestations include mounds, swarmers, droppings, frass, and mud tubes. Listed below are some ways to identify termite activity around your home or business. In addition to these symptoms, you should also keep an eye out for Termite frass, which is the termite’s droppings and frass-like material.

Termite mounds

Termite mounds are the result of termite colonies. These structures are the result of large populations of the termite species known as mound-building termites. These pests live in the United States (Arizona), Africa, Australia, and South America. Mounds are large earthworks that can grow to 30 meters in diameter and are typically found in well-drained areas. A termite mound usually outlives the colony, it is part of.

Termite swarmers

Termite swarmers can invade your home through cracked and open doors, windows, and pinholes in your walls. Since these pinholes are small, they are difficult to notice. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent swarmers from entering your home. If you notice one or more of these pinholes, you can take immediate action to prevent termites from entering your home.

Termite frass

Termite frass is one of the first signs of a termite infestation. You can find it anywhere, including window sills, doors, and porches. It is easy to ignore if you can’t spot it right away. Frass can also fall on your carpets and floors. Termites can cause damage to your home if you fail to treat them as quickly as possible.

Termite droppings

Termite droppings are oval-shaped pellets that resemble sawdust. The termite poop looks different from that of ants. They are much cleaner than wood shavings and shards. Look for small mounds of the droppings that are lying under the wood holes. Termite droppings resemble pepper, dirt, and sawdust, but they are not the same color.

Flying termites

If you see flying termites, they are not just ants. Flying termites are actually a sign of a termite colony. In order to completely eliminate these creatures, you must first eradicate the colony. If you are unable to do so, contact a professional pest control company like ACTION Termite & Pest Control. These professionals are experts at exterminating termite colonies. Their services are affordable, effective, and guaranteed to eliminate termites.

If you think you have evidence of a termite infestation in the Phoenix Arizona area contact our experts at ACTION Termite & Pest Control for help.

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