How Termite Companies in Phoenix Use Baiting Techniques

November 9, 2018

How Termite Companies in Phoenix Use Baiting Techniques

November 9, 2018

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Termite Companies in Phoenix

In the past, the primary method of controlling termites has been the application of termiticide to the soil. Though this method has been effective, some termites have been able to escape. With this in mind, most companies have designed new ways of controlling these pests, as a way of minimizing the losses associated with termite attacks.

The most commonly used method of termite control has always been the application of termiticide in the soil. The primary goal has been to block any potential escape route the termites may use while trying to penetrate different structures or escape the pesticides. Though this method has been successful, at times it has failed because termites have been able to escape via small and untreated gaps in the soil. Therefore, the adequate protection needed to protect structures has been wanting. However, a new mode of termite control known as termite baits has been developed to work as a secondary method of controlling termites. The use of baits seeks to patch these loose ends, increase the kill rate, and reduce the destruction associated with termites.

How the Bait Concept Works
As the name suggests, termites are fed with small amounts of edible baits such as cardboard and papers which are laced with an insecticide. Typically, when termites feed, they are generous enough to share the food among themselves. When food particles are laced with the pesticides, the foraging termites take the baits to their nests where they share with the rest of their mates.

The bait method is highly effective since it can easily eradicate an entire colony of termites at a go. Apart from this, the insecticides used to lace the baits are slow acting in nature hence promoting maximum distribution and death among the termites. Once the termites have been killed, re-baiting can be done depending on the extent at which the termites had attacked a premise.

Pesticides used in Bait Method
Currently, there are four different bait products sold in the market. They are Sentricon, Exterra, FirstLine, and Spectracide Terminate. Professional pest control firms sell Sentricon, Exteraa, and FirstLine. Spectracide Terminate, on the other hand, is a DIY pesticide which is sold in over the counter pesticide distributors such as those found in Phoenix, AZ.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baiting
In baiting, homeowners don’t necessarily need to move their items to apply pesticides.

Standard termite control in Phoenix are usually associated with spraying of pesticides. In baiting, no form of spraying is needed, and therefore chances of suffering from an allergic reaction caused by the sprays are low.

Drilling associated with old methods of controlling termites is no longer needed in baiting. Homeowners, can, therefore, keep their structures in perfect condition while at the same time eliminate the termites.

A significant disadvantage, however, is the fact that termites may take long to locate the baits, hence making the overall killing process slow.

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