Tips For Dealing With A Swarm Of Termites in Phoenix

December 7, 2018

Tips For Dealing With A Swarm Of Termites in Phoenix

December 7, 2018

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For an unsuspecting home owner, seeing a swarm of termites pouring out of the wall can be like a scene from a horror movie, especially if they weren’t aware of the termites in the first place. Unfortunately, in Arizona where the termite population is one of the heaviest in the country (Phoenix is the eleventh most termite-heavy city in the United States), these termite swarms can easily become a reality. The worst part is, if you are seeing a termite swarm, your home is probably already heavily infested with them. If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be faced with a swarm of termites in your home, here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your sanity.

1. Don’t panic.

Although this may be hard to do if you see hundreds or even thousands of termites swarming in your home, it’s important to remain calm. Panicking never helps any situation because you won’t be thinking clearly. In fact, you could possibly make the situation worse. For example, if they are in one room, running away and leaving a door open can give them access to swarm in the rest of your house. Just try your best to remain calm.

2. Make sure that it’s actually a termite swarm.

Ants swarm also and they look really similar to termite swarms. Termites only swarm once a year when the temperatures are 70 degrees or higher. They’ll usually swarm on the first sunny day after a rainy day and only in the spring. If it is out of this time frame or during some other type of weather, it’s probably not termites. This doesn’t make it better but identification is key to getting rid of pests.

3. Call pest control.

Don’t worry so much about the termites swarming. The swarm is only temporary and they aren’t eating your house when they swarm. In fact, a swarm could be the perfect time to spray them with bug spray. During a swarm, their only purpose is to mate and when they are done they’ll disappear back into their nest like nothing happened. However, when they finish swarming, they’ll go back to eating your house, so call pest control as soon as possible so they can begin getting rid of the termites as soon as possible.

Final Tips

Termites in Phoenix AZ can be an extreme nuisance and, unfortunately for people who live in Arizona, the risk of a termite infestation is extremely high. Termite prevention goes a long way to avoid the problem in the first place. If you find termites in your home, don’t hesitate to get professional help as quickly as possible before termites cause a lot of costly damage.

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